Who died in The Walking Dead episode 809 “Honor”?

Carol (Melissa McBride) in episode 809 The Walking Dead (2010). Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Carol (Melissa McBride) in episode 809 The Walking Dead (2010). Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

Carl wasn’t The Walking Dead midseason premiere’s only death. Who else died in The Walking Dead midseason premiere?

Carl’s death may have been the most emotional death of The Walking Dead midseason premiere but it wasn’t only the one. As usual there was many walker deaths. But Gavin and The Saviors who had taken over The Hilltop as part of Negan’s revenge didn’t fare so well either.

That’s because Carol and Morgan regrouped and after making sure that Nabila was leading the rest of the freed Hilltop residents to the cottage they went back into The Kingdom to save Ezekiel. And you know that isn’t going to end well.

Ezekiel had locked himself inside The Kingdom with Gavin and The Saviors after his people got out. Gavin’s plan was to bring Ezekiel back to The Hilltop with whatever supplies they could scavenge and fit into their trucks.

But Morgan and Carol had other plans. They slaughtered Gavin’s Saviors, ending in a brutal shootout inside the theater. In Morgan’s grossest kill to date he pulled the intestines out of a Savior that was attacking him with his bare hands.

Goodbye Gavin

After the other Saviors were dead Morgan seemed to be struggling with whether or not to kill Gavin. Carol tried to get Morgan not to kill Gavin. So did King Ezekiel. But Morgan seemed like he was about to kill Gavin anyway when little Henry appeared behind Gavin and stabbed him through the throat.

There was really no other way that could have played out. But still, Gavin was not the worst Savior. He really seemed to care about Ezekiel and The Kingdom in his own way. It felt like he genuinely wanted them to go along with Negan’s plans for them so they could survive and even thrive. He didn’t feel bad enough about it to fight back against Negan, but he did feel bad.

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Gavin would have been an asset to the communities after the war, assuming that Rick and the others will beat Negan. But there is no middle ground in war, and Gavin won’t be the last Savior to die before All Out War wraps up. All Out War continues next week on The Walking Dead as Rick vents his anger at Carl’s death and plans a last stand at The Hilltop.