The Walking Dead is ‘pretty confident’ that Lauren Cohan will return

The Walking Dead; AMC; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene
The Walking Dead; AMC; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene /

The Walking Dead and Lauren Cohan are still negotiating for her to return to the show for season 9.

Fans of The Walking Dead have been in an uproar lately over the news that Lauren Cohan may not return to the show for season 9. And many stories have been circulating that Lauren is leaving the show for good because she signed on for an ABC pilot. But there’s no reason to panic just yet TWDFamily.

It’s true that Lauren does not currently have a contract for The Walking Dead season 9. And it’s true that she is appearing in a lead role in the ABC pilot Whiskey Cavalier. But, according to The Hollywood Reporter, talks between The Walking Dead bosses and Lauren Cohan are continuing and there is still a very good chance that they can work out a deal for her to return to the show.

"Scott Gimple, who now is overseeing all content across both Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, said that  “We’re talking; I’m pretty positive. We’re figuring it out. The timing could work well, so all good.”"

Some people have speculated that the show wouldn’t survive losing another beloved character like Maggie after just recently losing Carl Grimes. And since Maggie has a major role in the comic storyline as the leader at The Hilltop losing her would take the show even further from the comic. But even though she is attached to Whiskey Cavalier there are several ways that she could continue playing Maggie.

Side Projects Are Normal

Many of the principal cast members on The Walking Dead find time to appear on other shows and film movies while The Walking Dead is filming. Generally The Walking Dead films from May through November with several breaks during the shooting schedule. Cast members also find plenty of time to appear at cons and pursue other projects when they aren’t needed in Senoia for The Walking Dead filming. Lauren’s role in Whiskey Cavalier doesn’t mean that she has to leave The Walking Dead totally.

Pilots Don’t Always Get Picked Up

Just because a pilot gets made doesn’t mean that it will get picked up for a full series order. Every year there are dozens of pilots that are made and only a handful are chosen to run for a full season. If Whiskey Cavalier doesn’t get picked up for a full season Lauren would be free to return to The Walking Dead as a recurring cast member if she and The Walking Dead bosses can agree on a contract.

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Guest Appearances

If Whiskey Cavalier does get picked up for a full season there are still ways that Maggie could remain on the show. Lauren could film guest appearances or occasional episodes depending on the Whiskey Cavalier shooting schedule. But it’s worth noting that most of the time broadcast show filming ends before filming begins for The Walking Dead so there not be any filming conflicts at all.

So don’t worry The Walking Dead fans, there is still a very good chance that Maggie Greene Rhee isn’t going anywhere and that fans will get to see her and Baby Rhee in season 9 of The Walking Dead.