32 Thoughts About The Walking Dead The Lost And The Plunderers

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis, Steven Ogg as Simon - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis, Steven Ogg as Simon - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead ramped up the stakes this week and Rick and Negan edged closer to the last stand that is coming. Here are some thoughts I had watching “The Lost And The Plunderers”.

The Walking Dead returned to The Sanctuary last night as Negan sent Simon to deal with The Scavengers and planned his next move. Simon didn’t execute Negan’s orders exactly the way Negan wanted but he did execute The Heapsters.

Rick is still grappling with Carl’s death and he shared the contents of the letter that Carl left for Negan with Negan, who was really upset by Carl’s death. He blamed Rick for Carl’s death and this may even make him more determined to kill Rick than before.

The episode had a great mix of character development, action, and because it’s The Walking Dead also heartbreak. There was also some serious ick as The Heapster walkers got turned into red slime by the garbage compactor. Here are 32 thoughts I had while watching The Walking Dead episode 810 “The Lost And The Plunderers”.

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  1. I love how Rick and Michonne can communicate without a word. #RelationshipGoals
  2. Those handprints are going to haunt me. As will Michonne’s face of grief.
  3. Rick’s orange bag looks like Glenn’s orange pack. Miss you always Glenn. Take care of Carl.
  4. Rick is not thinking clearly. He’s just focusing on killing Negan so he doesn’t fall apart. It’s ok Rick, we miss him too.
  5. Wow Carl left a note for Negan. Gutted that we won’t get to see the Carl/Negan relationship from the comic. Screw you Gimple.
  6. WTF Rick? You need to go see Jadis when Carl just died? Those are some screwed up priorities.
  7. Chandler’s name isn’t on the opening credits anymore. CHANDLER BADASS BOSS RIGGS. There I fixed it for you.
  8. Negan says, “That kid is built for this shit.” Ow. Right in the feels.
  9. I don’t trust you Simon.
  10. Negan doesn’t trust you either Simon.
  11. Negan has to be the way he is to keep control of people like Simon.
  12. Did Simon just bring the sass to Negan? That’s not gonna end well for Simon.
  13. Angry Negan is mesmerizing.
  14. Roll it back Enid. You don’t want to end up as the moral compass. Ask Carl.
  15. Is Oceanside going to be relevant someday?
  16. Enid doesn’t know about Carl yet. Neither does Maggie or Carol. Ugh we have to go through that reveal grief all over again. Screw you twice Gimple.
  17. Jadis serving looks.
  18. Damn, Simon is going to Crazytown.
  19. Brion and Tamiel have lines. This is gonna end badly.
  20. Simon is everyone’s crazy uncle.
  21. A helipad and solar panels. What’s under all that garbage?
  22. Damn it Simon. Bye Brion. Bye Tamiel.
  23. Don’t do it Simon. Pull back.
  25. Well. Crap. Later Heapsters.
  26. Tell Negan what you did Simon! TELL HIM you coward.
  27. Jadis channeling her inner Courtney Love in that maxi dress.
  28. Commit Rick! Either kill her or save her. Don’t half ass it.
  29. Heapster walker sausage. Most creative mass killing yet?
  30. Negan had real feelings for Carl. He’s genuinely upset.
  31. Ouch! Low blow Negan. Low blow.
  32. Rick’s going to Crazytown and Negan’s making speeches. So everything back to normal then?