New images from Fear the Walking Dead season 4

Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Danay Garcia as Luciana
Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Danay Garcia as Luciana /

TV Guide shared the first photos from Fear the Walking Dead season 4, and it’s clear that a lot has happened since we last saw the survivors.

The season 3 finale of Fear the Walking Dead saw the dam explode, leaving everything up in the air (pun intended) in terms of who lived and who died. The only thing we knew for sure is that Madison, the Clark family matriarch, is the only confirmed survivor. In the first images from season 4, not only do we get a look at the other people who survived, but we also learn who is working together.

First of all, we already knew that Strand, Alicia and Luciana survived the explosion, so it’s not a surprise to see them in these new images from TV Guide. However, what’s particularly telling is that all three of them appear together. They’re well dressed (and really clean!), well armed and they appear to be working together. This suggests that they have been together for a while, at least, and that makes us wonder how that happened.

Here’s a look at both images:

Luciana hasn’t been seen since slipping away from Broke Jaw Ranch in the dead of night. While the Otto patriarch begrudgingly allowed her to convalesce at his ranch, she knew she wasn’t welcome there. Nick didn’t want to hear her when she said they needed to leave, so she left. The only time we saw her again was when she appeared in Madison’s dream sequence.

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This unlikely trio gets me even more excited about season 4. Strand has always been a favorite of mine, and over the seasons he has proved to be the voice of reality for the show. He isn’t the voice of reason, necessarily, but he speaks his version of the truth and he doesn’t pull punches. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, which keeps the people around him grounded in reality. Alicia really grew a lot in season 3. I wanted to see her with Jake Otto and was not pleased that he was killed off when he could have been an interesting addition for the Clark family. Alicia and Strand work well together, and Luciana fits in with this group really well because she’s a realist, too.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on April 15 at 10pm.