The Walking Dead: Was Simon’s disobedience a powerplay

Steven Ogg as Simon, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Steven Ogg as Simon, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Simon, Negan’s right hand man made his intentions very clear when he decided to disobey Negan’s direct orders and single-handedly sealed The Scavenger’s fate.

Was this a power play or something he may have done before?

We haven’t received a lot of back story about Simon yet on The Walking Dead aside from the fact that he’s one of Negan’s most trusted men who seems to really love his job. It’s been implied that up until this current season that he obeyed every one of Negan’s orders with a smile on his face and hands on his hips ready to make a grand gesture of the power he had.

He shares Negan’s intimidating personality but seems far more unpredictable as one moment he could be patting Gregory’s back and the next he’s ready to pull the trigger on a weaponless Tamiel. While Negan views killing only as a necessity to get others in line, Simon views killing as a strict punishment with little to no mercy.

Recently the internet has been swimming with theories that it was Simon who killed all of the men from Oceanside leaving the community of women to fend for themselves. We have no proof of this, however after his most recent moment in the spotlight it isn’t that far-fetched.

Simon always came off as very untrustworthy. Whenever we saw him at The Hilltop, whether it be to just catch up with Gregory or to pick up supplies, it was evident he acted like he owned the place.

In a way he does. Negan bestowed The Hilltop as Simon’s responsibility.

Though we never saw the conversation we could all imagine what Negan would have said to Simon after it was revealed that Maggie was alive and living at The Hilltop under his very nose.

Simon (Steven Ogg) Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Simon (Steven Ogg) Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Another theory about Simon and his hostility towards Negan may come from some discontent. What if he was the leader of The Sanctuary before Negan?

The conversations we see between the two certainly point us in the direction that as tight as their bond might be, they often don’t agree with how things should be run. On top of that Simon has been more vocal with his opinions.

Simon’s first strike this season was when he made the suggestion that any of The Hilltop citizens who refuse to follow Gregory should be killed. Negan’s frightening outburst, “People are a resource. Money on the table. People are the foundation of what we are building here!” while slamming Lucille over the table was enough to silence that notion.

It’s been duly noted that the table is decorated in dents and scratches. Evidence that similar conversations such as these must have happened before.

Simon’s second strike was far less a suggestion and more of a statement. When Negan asked “You got something to say? Say it.”

Simon did not back down and spoke his mind, “Maybe we should cut our losses here. These people can’t learn the lesson no matter how many times we teach it.” Negan’s expression alone would make any other Savior run out of the room.

Negan’s words, “You will do exactly what I asked. You will do your job!” are final and Simon leaves to meet with Jadis and her people. Disregarding Negan’s orders to kill one and spare the rest may have sealed his fate with a burned face and kiss from Lucille.

Unless he turns the tables on Negan first.

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Simon’s secret power play will not remain unknown for long. While some will argue Jadis and The Scavengers got what they deserved we can see that Negan’s tight running ship may be sinking.

What did you think of Simon’s decision to kill The Scavengers? How do you think Negan will react when he finds out?