The Walking Dead The Lost And The Plunderers round table discussion

Major Dodson as Sam Anderson, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Major Dodson as Sam Anderson, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

On The Walking Dead the actors are often fans too. So this week we asked Josh Mikel, Sabrina Gennarino, and Peter Zimmerman what they thought of The Lost And The Plunderers.

As All Out War heads towards one last stand between Negan and The Saviors and the community alliance on The Walking Dead the stakes are getting higher.

In ‘The Lost And The Plunderers’ Simon went rogue and disobeyed Negan’s direct order to kill only one of The Scavengers. Instead, he wiped out the entire community except for Jadis. That could be a game changer for the war because both sides were counting on getting extra help from The Scavengers.

People are a resource. And Simon just dramatically depleted that resource with the mass murder at the garbage heap. The Saviors still outnumber the members of the alliance, but not by that much anymore. Fighters are in short supply and losing such a huge number of mercenaries could change the course of the war.

This week we asked Savior Jared, played by Josh Mikel as well as Eduardo from The Hilltop played by Peter Zimmerman and Tamiel herself Sabrina Gennarino a set of questions based on this episode to see how they think the loss of The Heapsters will impact All Out War.

Let’s discuss The Walking Dead 810 ‘The Lost And The Plunderers’:

Simon’s Slaughter of The Heapsters

Will Simon’s act of defiance push Negan into acting out of anger and cause him to make a strategic mistake?

"Josh Mikel: I think Negan has shown time & again that he’s a leader of resolve & some sort of (at least in his own head) morality. I think he keeps nose clean in this one. Hard to pull a snake move on a snake."

"Peter Zimmerman: I think just based on what we’ve seen from TV Negan so far, every move he makes is calculated. Don’t get me wrong, I could definitely see Negan getting extremely upset, but as much as it pains me to say as a fan of our survivors, Negan is one smart cookie haha."

"Sabrina Gennarino: I have no idea what happens with any of the storylines going forward because of the events of this episode, but as a fan I have lots of thoughts! I absolutely think Negan will react to Simon with not just anger but rage.  Simon continues to push the boundaries of his “stature.”  People are a resource to Negan and Simon has just taken out a lot of resources.  As to the strategic mistake…Pertaining to what?  The war?  I think Negan is a pretty good “compartmentalizer.”  He’ll do what he has to do but I don’t think it will affect his overall mission."

 Evening The Odds

Does the loss of The Heapsters even the odds between the two groups?

"Josh Mikel: I don’t think anyone ever trusted their allegiances, so I can’t say it’s a win for either side."

"Peter Zimmerman: In terms of manpower, yes; however, I do feel like the casualties of this war are starting to sink in and both sides are starting to feel a significant loss because at the end of the day we’re all just trying to survive."

"Sabrina Gennarino: hmmmm…Great question.  I think we would certainly would have enhanced whatever side we ended up on with our sheer numbers and ninja like qualities. But, we weren’t really part of the equation for either side, until we were.  So in that sense, the odds already were even. 🙂  I do think, yes.  Whoever we did side with, certainly would have had the advantage."

The Prisoners At The Hilltop

Do you think that Negan will be willing to make a deal with The Hilltop to get the prisoners back because he knows that people are a valuable resource?

"Josh Mikel: Speaking as Jared “Goddamn, I hope so. These nerds suck.”"

"Peter Zimmerman: As a viewer I would think so because Negan is a strategic guy who seems to view people as a valuable resource, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see huh? 😉"

"Sabrina Gennarino: No.  But more to the point, I don’t think the Hilltop will even entertain a deal.  And I think Negan knows that, so I don’t think he’ll even try.  Then again, with his arrogance and false sense of security, he may absolutely try the “let bygones be bygones” thing.  Things are definitely starting to unravel."

 Rick’s Leadership

Will Rick still be able to lead the alliance while he grapples with Carl’s death or should Maggie step in and marshal the troops for the last stand against Negan?

"Josh Mikel: I think Rick’s going to need plenty of support in the coming months, which unfortunately in the apocalypse is hard to come by. Everyone will have a much easier field to plow if they can pull a little more than their own weight."

"Peter Zimmerman: I think this definitely needs to be a team effort. Rick and Maggie are both tremendous leaders, but we have seen leadership qualities in many characters. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and we need to balance those out. In regards to Rick losing Carl, the loss is obviously the most painful one he’s ever had to endure but with that said, we ARE talking about Rick Grimes here haha. I think it’s going to take strength from all of us and I’d follow either one of those two into battle any day of the week."

"Sabrina Gennarino: No.  It needs to be Rick.  Maggie, once this war is won, then should step up and be the leader of the free world 🙂"

That’s our roundtable discussion for this week. Huge thanks to Josh Mikel, Peter Zimmerman and Sabrina Gennarino for being on the panel and sharing their thoughts with us! Be sure to follow them on Twitter: @girlsgottaeat, @IAmPeterZ and @Joshua_Mikel and follow @UndeadWalkingFS too.