The Walking Dead 811 recap: Dead Or Alive Or

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes; group - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes; group - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead returns with episode 811, “Dead or Alive Or.” The path to the Hilltop is paved with Walkers. Here’s your recap!

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead start off with the Saviors getting a report that Dr. Carson and Gabriel are missing. They’re out on patrol so they go off to look for them, but little do they know, Daryl and his crew are right below them. Daryl and Rosita walk together. Tara encounters a Walker and throws it at Dwight, saying he can handle it. Dwight fights it off and Daryl tells her that she needs to keep the group moving.

Carson and Gabriel are lost. Gabriel can’t see very well and Dr. Carson says that if his vision is impacted by the illness then he might lose his sight. Gabriel tells him to have faith, but Carson doubts God is leading the way. Their Jaguar isn’t running well at all, and while Carson struggles to start it Gabriel squints to see the Walker crawling along the ground toward them. Carson checks Gabriel’s vision and it’s clear that his vision is almost gone. Carson blames himself for letting Gabriel leave. Gabriel hears a bell, so they go walking into the woods and Gabriel leads him to a well hidden house in the woods.

Rosita stops Daryl and tells him that they need to rest. Tara wants to know why Dwight is still alive. He tells her that there’s no reason to kill him now, and Rosita agrees. She reminds Tara that they just lost Carl and they just need to make it to the Hilltop.

Things are busy at the Hilltop. Maggie sees Carol, Henry and Morgan. Morgan asks Carol to see if Henry will eat. Suddenly Jared yells at him from the pen and says the kid is scaring them. Henry wants to know which one of them killed Benjamin. Carol tells him to go eat, so he leaves. Morgan thinks they should tell him who killed his brother, but Carol says he’s a child and doesn’t need to know. She tells him he’s not ok, either, and he needs to take a break. She sits down as he walks away. Maggie looks across the yard at her.

Negan expresses his disappointment in Eugene that Gabriel and Carson got away. He turns to look at him, and Eugene stands there. Negan says Carson always wanted to leave, just like his brother. Once they catch them, Negan vows to learn the truth. Eugene asks about Alexandria, and Negan wonders if he cares at all after they tried to kill him. Negan says Eugene is going to get his own outpost because he needs to go make his bullets after all the ammunition they used. Negan says bullets are a last resort, but Lucille gets first crack. Negan will set Eugene up at the machine shop with a full detail of security, with the girls there to massage him and cook for him. Eugene asks if there will be wine. “There will indeed,” he says.

Gabriel shakes a piggy bank and tries to read a message on a notepad. Carson returns and says it’s clear. Gabriel tells him that the people who were there operated the radio and he suggests that the radio might have reached other people. Carson finds a Walker in the bedroom. He tells Gabriel that they didn’t escape, they killed themselves.

Daryl consults the map with Tara and Rosita. He thinks there might be some scouts looking for them. Dwight gives them a suggestion, that the swamp is too dangerous for Negan’s men so they won’t be there. Tara can’t believe they’re going to listen to him, but Dwight points out he killed the Saviors, too, and if Negan finds him he’s dead. After they defeat Negan he knows he might be dead, but for now he’s with them. Daryl says they’ll try the swamp route.

Maggie watches Baby Grace in the office. Diane comes in with a report on the rations. It’s bad. They don’t have enough food for everyone plus the prisoners. Jesus is scouting but hasn’t returned yet.

Carson tells Gabriel to lie down but Gabriel is busy looking at pill bottles. Miraculously, the pills he found are antibiotics. Carson says the Walker might have saved his life.

Dwight and Daryl talk. Dwight says Sherry is the one who let Daryl out and she’s the only one he has left. They arrive at the swamp. It’s a lot bigger than they thought and it’s full of Walkers. They will have to go through and clear the Walkers. Dwight volunteers but Daryl tells him to stay behind, so Tara stays behind, too.

Gregory watches as “Margaret” approaches. He tries to point out that his behavior has improved since she locked him up so she should let him go. Another Savior walks up and says he doesn’t think they have to be enemies. They want time outside of the pens for good behavior. She’s going to cut their rations for a while because her people come first. He thinks they have a choice here, but she walks away, dismissing him.

Rosita walks through the water with the others, trying to clear Walkers. She steps on one and puts it down quickly. Siddiq and Daryl find more Walkers and clear them out together. They push through.

On the shore, the Alexandrians watch as Walkers walk by. Tara wants to go clear them, and she gives a knife to Dwight.

Gabriel’s fever has gone down but his eyesight is still bad. He’s sorry he can’t help the vision part, but Gabriel is happy to be alive. He’s letting God lead the way. He says he can feel the look on Carson’s face, but he points out that they landed in the perfect place based on what they needed. Gabriel accidentally breaks the piggy bank, and inside are car keys and a map. They’re only a few miles away.

Tara and Dwight clear the Walkers. She keeps her gun on him, and he apologizes for what happened to Denise. He doesn’t expect her to understand. He kills the last Walker and she keeps the gun on him. She says he can’t switch sides no matter how much he hates Negan. She shoots at him, saying it will make her feel better. He runs, and she follows. When they get to the road, he stops. He puts his hands up, saying he knew she was going to kill him. The Saviors are nearby, searching. They hide together in the bushes.

Carson goes off to find the car while Gabriel looks around. He hears the noise again from above and manages to see the sign above saying that there are traps all over. He tells Carson to stop, but it’s not in time to prevent him from getting stuck in a bear trap. Walkers hear him and start coming closer. Carson screams and Gabriel navigates the minefield to get to him, somehow avoiding the traps. Carson manages to shoot some of the Walkers while some of them get trapped. Gabriel finds a gun and shoots, managing to kill the Walker without killing Carson.

Tara keeps the gun pointed at Dwight, who suddenly jumps out of the bushes. He tells the Saviors that he got away. He asks about Laura but they say no one has seen her. He asks what they’re doing. It’s clear that they don’t know he defected. He leads them away from the swamp. Rosita watches Tara, and when they get back Daryl screams at her for letting him get away. They think he defected, and he blames Tara. When Daryl sees Judith he stops yelling and leads them away.

Gabriel helps Carson into the car, and Carson thanks him. Just as they’re about to drive away, the Saviors find them. They take them to their car and Gabriel says God is still leading them. Carson agrees and reaches for the gun, but they shoot him. Gabriel sobs as they drive away.

The gates open and Daryl carries Judith into the HIlltop, flanked by the Alexandrians. Carol runs out to greet them. She sees the look on Daryl’s face and knows something is wrong. He tells her about Carl as Maggie comes out. Enid is devastated. Siddiq looks around at them all. Daryl puts his arm around Carol and they go inside. Maggie remains outside hugging Enid.

Henry asks how Carl died and she says he was helping a stranger. Morgan stands up and tells Henry that Gavin killed his brother, so since Henry already got him he’s good now.

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Maggie is still upset when Siddiq comes up. He wants to thank her for her hospitality. He says it means a lot. He asks about a hospital, and she asks if he’s hurt. He tells her he has medical experience and she points him to the trailers. Maggie looks around at all of her people and she smiles.

Eugene is busy making bullets when one of the women come up. He tells her to put gloves and proper eye protection on. He says she can give his dinner order to Tanya when Negan comes in with Gabriel, who says Carson is the one who broke them out. Negan thinks Gabriel can help him make bullets, and Eugene agrees. It will take a while to make bullets so he starts thinking outside the box, saying they can catapult body parts at them for now. Negan thanks him for sprouting a rose from all of his nonsense. He leaves, and Eugene goes to Gabriel and tells him to get sorting despite Gabriel thinking he’d found his calling.

Maggie points to the prisoners and tells them that they will start taking prisoners out in pairs, and they’ll get rations. Gregory approaches and thinks they should think about evacuating. She says they can’t lose. One of the men calls out that Rick is at the gates.

Negan calls a meeting. Dwight is there, too. Negan says if they get bitten they die. He wants to use the Walkers to their advantage. He scrapes some blood off on Lucille and says that it’s the answer. They can use the Walker blood and guts as a weapon. Negan says they will make the Hilltop learn, dead or alive or “some kind of shit in between.”

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