The Walking Dead who died in Dead or Alive Or

Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) in The Walking Dead (2010) 811. Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) in The Walking Dead (2010) 811. Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

On The Walking Dead the survivors’ last stand is getting closer. But only for those that made it to The Hilltop. Check out who made it and who didn’t in the latest episode.

On The Walking Dead this week the survivors from Alexandria had to do some wet and dangerous trekking to try and evade The Saviors who are hunting for them as they head for the safety of The Hilltop.

Back at The Sanctuary Negan is readying his forces to make one last assault on the survivors that will bring All Out War to a close. Eugene started making bullets and gave Negan a deadly suggestion to have The Saviors coat all their weapons in walker guts so that even a scratch from the weapon will be fatal to whoever is on the end.

Both sides are ready for this war to be over and at this point the bodies are starting to pile up, like The Scavengers who were slaughtered last week and ended up going through a trash compactor at the garbage heap.

Here are the survivors that won’t be making a last stand at The Hilltop with either side:

Doctors Are Dropping Like Flies

The apocalypse isn’t a good place for doctors. This week the only doctor in all of the communities, the other Dr. Carson, killed himself after he and Gabriel were recaptured by The Saviors. He had suffered a serious injury stepping in a bear trap and apparently wasn’t ready to go back and face Negan’s punishment. Considering that Negan killed his brother, the other Dr. Carson, that was probably the right move for him to make.

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Gabriel is just about blind from the illness he got from the walker guts but he returned to captivity and is now helping Eugene make bullets. Gabriel could have ratted Eugene out to Negan and told Negan that Eugene helped them escape but he didn’t. He told Negan that the escape was executed by Dr. Carson to save Eugene from Negan’s wrath.

Previous doctors who didn’t make it include Hershel, who did have medical training even though he was a veterinarian. And Bob, Dr. S from the prison, Dr. Jenner from the CDC, Pete from Alexandria, and now both Drs. Carson.


Luckily The Hilltop now has a new doctor who can help keep Maggie safe and healthy during her pregnancy. Siddiq, who joined the group after Carl brought him in, is a doctor. Let’s hope Siddiq can stick around longer than the other doctors or at least long enough to help Maggie bring Baby Rhee into the world. Watch your back Siddiq. The odds are not in your favor on The Walking Dead.