Talked About Scene from The Walking Dead 811: Acting Like a Savior

Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Dwight (Austin Amelio)in The Walking Dead (2010) 811. Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Dwight (Austin Amelio)in The Walking Dead (2010) 811. Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

Episode 811 of The Walking Dead had four stories occurring at the same time. One was the Alexandrian’s journey to The Hilltop with Dwight in tow where Tara remained apprehensive about Dwight until he proved himself again.

Dwight’s betrayal of The Saviors wouldn’t surprise the avid readers of The Walking Dead comic books. For everyone else, let’s take a few steps back: Dwight, his wife Sherry and her sister Tina lived at The Sanctuary at one point.

It wasn’t until their failed escape (losing Tina in the process) that Dwight’s resentment for Negan became personal as Sherry offered to be a wife to spare him. Dwight received the iron as punishment and could only watch as Negan strutted about often displaying his affections on Sherry to spite him.

When Sherry left, enabling Daryl’s escape it was evident any reason for Dwight to remain on Negan’s side was gone. His betrayal began as he offered to help Rick defeat Negan during the season 7 finale.

However not everyone was on board; specifically Daryl and Tara. Dwight had killed Tara’s then-girlfriend Denise which he admitted he wasn’t aiming at her.

Dwight had not only shot Daryl but stolen his crossbow and angel-winged vest while ensuring that Daryl’s stay as Negan’s prisoner was as miserable as possible.  Thankfully Dwight is spared and kept his word, trying to warn the group of Negan’s impending attack but failed when Negan’s plan changed.

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At the beginning of season 8, Dwight continued to aid Rick while at The Sanctuary through exchanged notes. Negan never suspected Dwight and once he escaped The Sanctuary he made sure to pay Alexandria an unexpected visit.

Once again Dwight saved the Alexandrians, however, he was caught by fellow Savior Laura who unfortunately escaped. With nowhere to go Dwight remained with Rick and his people deciding to leave Alexandria once Negan’s assault finished and travel to The Hilltop.

With Daryl leading the way, Dwight suggested they move through a walker-ridden swamp. Out of options, Daryl agrees to leave Dwight on the mainland.

Within seconds Tara attempts to kill him, chasing him through the woods until they spot a small group of Saviors. Sacrificing himself Dwight emerges and is surprised to find his cover had not been blown as Laura had not been seen since the attack at Alexandria.

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Using that to his advantage Dwight saved the Alexandrians again, providing false information to their possible whereabouts to The Saviors and left with them. Tara having witnessed the entire conversation, lowered her gun awestruck that Dwight had proven himself loyal to them once again.

However, the fact he left didn’t settle well with Daryl who scolded Tara only calming down at the sight of Judith and the group carried on. There was a silver lining to the incident.

As the episode is drawing to a close, Negan gathered what we can assume are the remnants of his Saviors and made a declaration. It’s apparent that whatever suggestion Eugene made to the leader conversations before suddenly made the walkers more useful than before.

Negan’s satisfying grin at the bloodied and walker-gut covered Lucille can only mean more danger is coming Rick’s way.

Will Dwight be able to continue aiding Rick while at The Sanctuary? What exactly is Negan’s plan?

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Next week’s episode of The Walking Dead looks promising and has proven that both Rick and Negan are still refusing to give up regardless of the mounting casualties on both sides.