Sneak peek preview video of The Walking Dead episode 815: Worth

Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Take a sneak peek at a scene from season 8 episode 15 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Worth’ before it airs on April 8, 2018 on AMC.

The Walking Dead continues to gear up for the end of All-Out War after an intense and powerful episode of the AMC zombie survival drama series on April 1, 2018 to keep fans on the edge of their seat.

Now, the focus of fans has shift toward season 8 episode 15 of the series titled ‘Worth’ and hoping to find out a little more of what to expect during the episode before the big season 8 finale on April 15th.

Let’s take a look at a sneak peek from episode 815 as shared on the official YouTube channel of AMC:

The scene opens showing the factory where Eugene made a bullet for Rosita. Members of The Saviors are everywhere and hard at work on production of ammunition.

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Eugene is overseeing the bullet-making procedure. He reminds the group that their lives are not guaranteed and the fact that Negan is missing in action should have absolutely no impact on their ability to generate ammo for The Saviors.

He says that Simon is in charge during Negan’s absence and he wants them to crank out as much ammunition as possible to use during the fight against the people from Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom.

Warning that production will come at costs, Eugene informs the group that they will possibly beworking double shifts or pushing the boundaries of safety to create a ‘crap ton’ of ammunition for Simon and The Saviors to use.

Stating they need to at least make enough to keep Simon happy in order to avoid the consequences, he inspects a bullet, showing a bulge at the bottom of the round.

Last week, it was revealed that Rosita and Daryl had eyes on the facility, meaning that whatever production Eugene is hoping to get out of The Saviors and Gabriel may be in jeopardy, putting their lives at risk from both Simon and the survivors from Alexandria.

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This sneak peek should have everyone curious about the status of Eugene, Gabriel, and others in future episodes of The Walking Dead, especially season 8 episode 15 titled ‘Worth’.  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.