The Walking Dead 814: Who died in Still Gotta Mean Something

Jadis (Polyanna McIntosh) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Jadis (Polyanna McIntosh) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

All Out War is starting to take a big toll on all the communities on The Walking Dead. Here’s who won’t be fighting in the final battle.

The Walking Dead is finally bringing All Out War to a close but as the season finale gets closer the death toll keeps rising. There have been some big deaths and some big losses on both sides. Going into the war The Saviors had a huge size advantage over Rick’s alliance but thanks to the ferocity of Team Family and their ingenuity in battle that size advantage has dwindled considerably.

Even though The Saviors still have a huge amount of workers back at The Sanctuary Negan’s fighting force has taken some huge hits throughout this season. And in ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’ Negan took some big losses again.

The Saviors thought they had the upper hand when Simon led the assault on The Hilltop last week but Maggie’s battle strategy put a dent in The Saviors’ numbers. This week The Saviors who managed to survive the Battle for Hilltop were unfortunately put in the position of having to face Rick and Morgan.

When Rick puts on the murder coat no one is going to survive. And that’s what happened tonight. Rick and Morgan took some lumps but ultimately they came out on top and slaughtered The Saviors that fled The Hilltop after the battle.

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Now both sides are on a little more equal footing when it comes to the size of their fighting forces. The Hilltop lost a lot of people thanks to The Saviors tainted weapons, but every Hilltop person that died just as many, if not more, Saviors died. Looks like it’s your move Negan.

Goodbye Jared

As Rick and Morgan turned on The Saviors in the bar fans did get the satisfaction of seeing Jared finally die, and in a pretty gruesome way. As the walkers overran the bar Jared ran away. But Morgan went after him. They fought and Jared, who has surprising skills for such a jerk, almost got the upper hand and killed Morgan. But Morgan overpowered him.

Jared flew back, and as walkers shambled into the back room of the bar Morgan drew the gate across the room, trapping Jared inside. Morgan held Jared at the gate while walkers devoured him and tore off his face.

As much as everyone hated Jared on The Walking Dead there’s nothing but love for Joshua Mikel, the actor who plays him. We may not miss Jared, but Josh you will be missed.