The Walking Dead 814 recap: Still Gotta Mean Something

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead continues with “Still Gotta Mean Something.” Here’s your recap of this week’s all new episode.

Jadis uses a body to make it look like she was dead during the Saviors’ attack on the Heap. One of the Saviors spits on her and says this wasn’t her game, and after a while they are gone. She strips down, eager to get the bloodstained clothing off. Under her clothes is the white gown we saw before.

In the future, we see Jadis pacing inside a pristine apartment, only it’s not an apartment, it’s a trailer of some kind. Lucille is there, and she packs her belongings into a suitcase before grabbing the bat and wiping her tears. She goes outside and unlocks the nearest storage container. Negan is there, chained to a board with wheels on it, and he wants to know what she’s doing. She says nothing as she pulls him outside.

At the Hilltop, Carol chops wood when Ezekiel approaches. He wants to go looking for Henry, but she doesn’t want to leave. Ezekiel doesn’t think Henry is dead, and he reminds her that she was the one to keep hope alive.

Daryl is waiting for Tara when she gets out of the doctor’s office. She’s not sick, so the doctor thinks she’s going to be ok. She reminds him that Dwight shot him with a clean arrow. She says everyone who got hurt got sick, but Daryl doesn’t want to give him a free pass. Tara tells Daryl he should do what he has to, but that’s on him. She’s out.

Michonne is inside the house when Rick finds her. She’s crying over her letter from Carl. He wipes her tears and she asks if he wants to read it. He shakes his head. He grabs his jacket because they need food. She wants to know what Carl wrote to him. He admits he hasn’t read it, and she says that she knows the pain because that happened to her. She says he has to keep going, and that Carl wrote a letter to him so he needs to read it. She says Rick is staying behind and she will go out. After she’s gone he grabs the letter addressed to him, which is in a drawer on top of Negan’s letter.

Morgan is going to go looking for Henry. Carol finds him and says he doesn’t have to go, but he says he has to go. She tells him she is going with him.

Maggie, Diane and Rosita meet about their ammo when Daryl comes in. He says they need to fight hand to hand, but Rosita says she knows where their bullet maker is.

Negan says he can still smell whatever happened there. He reminds her that he sees people as a resource, and he doesn’t throw them away. He wasn’t responsible for what happened to her people. That person didn’t follow the program, and he’ll own the mistake. He says he’s sorry for what happened and that she lost everything she had. She swings the bat as he speaks, stopping an inch above his nose.

Carol and Morgan search the woods, looking for the Saviors and Henry. She finds a turnip on the ground, so they must be going in the right direction. In the distance, Morgan spots someone and starts running, calling out to Henry. The boy turns around, his neck torn open. He says Morgan knew and was supposed to be there. Carol runs up and sees Morgan talking to himself. She admits she came out to watch over Morgan. Morgan says you can’t save the dead, and though he’s alive he keeps seeing the dead people all around him. They continue their search, following a path to the road.

Rick stares at Carl’s hat while Judith plays. He has to walk away because it’s too much for him. Outside he finds Alden, who tells Rick that the Saviors probably went back to the Sanctuary. Rick asks how he’d go back, and he reveals that there’s a dive bar between the Hilltop and the Sanctuary. Before Rick leaves Alden asks him not to kill more than he has to because for some of them, they made a bad choice to leave. They probably don’t realize it yet. Rick isn’t so sure.

Negan watches as Jadis paces. She tosses Lucille aside and walks away. He says he had nothing to do with any of what happened and he tries to roll away. Jadis rolls a new Walker over, this one bent in 90 degrees. He grabs a gun and a flare and he threatens to burn some pictures up, which catches her attention.

Carol and Morgan continue their trip and they find a herd of Walkers crossing the road. Carol spots a Walker with a stick inside of him. It’s Henry’s stick. Morgan grabs the stick and kills the Walker with it, and then he keeps walking. Carol tells him to stop, because the Walker came from another road. He says she’ll know what she’ll find, but she still wants to try. Morgan says that Carol saves people while his lot is to watch them die. Carol reminds him that he saved her, knowing she could come back, so he could do it too. But Morgan doubts his own strength, and he says he can’t deny that death follows him. He offers her the stick, and then he walks toward the herd.

The bed Walker had a rod through its head. Jadis tells him to leave the pictures alone. Negan wants to know if she kills people with the bed Walker, and she pleads with him to toss the flare and save the pictures. Negan reveals that his wife’s name was Lucille and she got him through life even though he never did anything for her, which is why he named the bat after his wife. He likens the bat to her photos, and then she attacks. Her stopwatch goes off and the flare ends up in a puddle, just as a helicopter flies over. Negan watches as she runs for another flare, but it’s too late. Jadis starts to light Lucille on fire, but he vows to settle what happened to her people. She tosses the flare and starts crying. Negan realizes there is much more happening right now.

Rick encounters Morgan in the woods. Morgan is poised to attack Rick but Rick talks him down. Morgan admits he’s not right, and Rick says he might not want to be out there. Rick tells him that together they should go finish it, and off they go. Together. They come upon the road, where they find a severed hand and boot. And then someone knocks Rick out.

Rick and Morgan were ambushed by the Saviors who escaped. Jared is trying to lead them, but not all of them agree that they should return. Simon is not going to help, but delivering Rick to Negan will be a big win. One of their own is injured and Jared is going to kill him but Rick offers them the chance to become part of their group. He gives them his word, which has to mean something. Some of the men are willing to listen and Rick reminds them that there’s a herd coming toward them. Jared tries to convince them that he’s lying. Morgan says he’s right, because he wants to kill all of them but Rick is now offering them a choice. Morgan says that the herd is coming, and when they die he won’t be able to kill them. This conversation makes Jared upset, and he moves to shoot Morgan, but the other Saviors stop him. That’s when the herd arrives. The doors are open and the Walkers pour in. There are too many for them. Rick wants to help them, but Jared wants to kill them. As he moves to shoot Rick one of his other men stops him and Jared is attacked. Rick and Morgan fight with the remaining Saviors and they make their way out, but then Rick and Morgan kill the Saviors. Morgan looks for more of them when he spots Henry again. Jared attacks him and Morgan feeds him to the Walkers and watches him die. It’s quiet in the room once the Walkers are gone and he tells the remaining Savior that he lied. Rick shoots him. He’s splattered with blood in a room full of dead people.

“Everybody turns,” Morgan says as he walks past Rick. Rick says Morgan saved him in front of his house. He didn’t have to save him and wants to know why Morgan saved him. Morgan says he saved him because his son was there. Rick is next to a mirror and he sees himself.

Negan is back to his old self and he tells Jadis that she didn’t lose herself. He wants to know about the helicopter. He offers a chance to come with him, and she doesn’t accept. He says he’ll come back again, and maybe she’ll talk then.

Carol keeps searching as night falls. She finds armor, and then she hears Henry’s screams. He’s being attacked and she fights off the Walkers. She hugs him when he’s safe and she starts crying, apologizing to him. She says he can survive, and she was wrong. 

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Jerry smiles and tells everyone to start banging on the gates. He gets Ezekiel as Carol and Henry walk in. Henry runs into Ezekiel’s arms as Carol walks by him. Later, she tells Ezekiel that he was right and she was afraid. He says she was no coward. That’s when Carol tells him about Sofia and how she was “nothing” after she lost her. The people around her helped her to find herself, and in many ways it was a better version of herself. She knows now that she can find herself if it happens again.

Rick and Morgan return while everyone is outside talking. Henry sees Morgan, all covered in blood. Morgan smiles at him, but Henry is too shocked by the blood. Morgan says he killed the man who killed his brother. Henry puts his hand on Morgan’s shoulder and says he’s sorry, but Morgan tells him to never be sorry. Rick gives Alden a look as he passes by.

Later, Morgan is by himself. He’s crying.

Jadis returns to her storage unit. She unpacks her things. She gets in the clean bed.

Negan drives down the road in an old BMW. He stops when he finds someone, and together they drive back to the Sanctuary. He tells the men at the gate not to reveal that he’s home. Not yet.

Daryl and Rosita are watching Eugene from a window. They’re realizing how much ammo they can make, but Rosita says they can’t take out the machines. They need them. They have to take out the men.

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Rick gets cleaned up and he takes out the letter from Carl. Michonne finds him and thanks her. He says he’s sorry for leaving, and that he loves her. They kiss, and then she leaves to give Rick some privacy. Rick reads the letter.