Who got in the car with Negan during The Walking Dead episode 814?

Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC
Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC /
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Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC
Negan – The Walking Dead – AMC /

Negan pulled over to pick someone up during season 8 episode 14 of The Walking Dead, but what who is this unknown individual and what does it mean?

Lately, The Walking Dead has been doing a great job of telling stories with each episode yet still including a cliffhanger interesting enough to make fans wonder who or what will be featured in the next week’s episode.

Season 8 episode 14 titled ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’ is no different. While there is no cliffhanger with someone near death or someone seemingly in major danger. this week’s cliffhanger involves Negan and a car.

After leaving Jadis at the home of The Scavengers, Negan was driving back to The Sanctuary when he saw a familiar face on the side of the road. He pulled over, opened the door, and mentioned that this individual was looking rough.

But who is this individual. There are 5 possibilities, but some make more sense than others. Let’s talk about each of those people, their situation, and the odds of them actually being the person who will get in the car during next week’s episode of The Walking Dead.