Who got in the car with Negan during The Walking Dead episode 814?

Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC
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Sherry - The Walking Dead - AMC
Sherry – The Walking Dead – AMC /

#3. Sherry

That’s right! Sherry, the former wife of Dwight, is still out there somewhere and running for her life from the people of The Sanctuary after making her escape from being one of Negan’s flock of wives.

Negan would definitely be interested in seeing her walking along the side of the road and want her to return to The Sanctuary. So yeah, he would definitely pull the car over for her to let her have a ride back to the home of The Saviors.

But Sherry wouldn’t likely want to get in the car. She would probably run from Negan unless she truly did look worse for wear and was desperate for some food, sanctuary, and staying safe from the undead.

We haven’t seen Sherry since season 7 episode 11, but this could be a weird way to introduce her back to the show if she is broken down enough to rejoin the group she ran away from.

Odds of it being Sherry: 5%