Who got in the car with Negan during The Walking Dead episode 814?

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Gregory – The Walking Dead – AMC /

#2. Gregory

Gregory escaped The Hilltop with the prisoners who were let out by Henry instead of staying behind and being treated badly by Maggie and the people in the community where he used to be a leader.

He knows food is low and war is coming, so it’s possible Gregory may have felt he had a better chance to survive and live with some kind of respect by kissing the boots of Negan at The Sanctuary.

On the other hand, Negan is familiar with Gregory and would have the type of exchange that he did with the person who was getting into the car with him while he was walking down the road. This is especially possible since he wasn’t included in last week’s episode at all.

Right now, Gregory has no real home and can’t fend for himself. He would likely be ecstatic to see Negan pull over for him and go to The Sanctuary with a smile on his face.

Odds of it being Gregory: 15%