The Walking Dead Water Cooler: Talking points about episode 814

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Jared (Joshua Mikel) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Jared (Joshua Mikel) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

There was a lot going on in The Walking Dead 814, “Still Gotta Mean Something.” If you need a few talking points with your TWD friends, we have you covered.

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead provided us with quite a few moments that could make for great water cooler fodder at the office or during a chat with your TWD friends and family. Let’s break down some of the most important things that happened this week.

Jadis And Her Secret Life

Jadis captured Negan and was keeping him as her prisoner at the Heap, but this wasn’t the most surprising thing that happened in the junkyard. As it happens, Jadis lives in a spotless Ikea-inspired storage unit with a very clean bed. It’s hard to imagine that someone who lives in a junkyard could possibly have such a clean abode.

What’s more impressive, though, is the helicopter. Jadis had a flare ready for their arrival, with Negan tied up and ready for…what? She also had her bag packed. She was waiting for the helicopter, knew when it was coming, and was upset that it was leaving.

Rick And Morgan Do Some Clearing

Rick’s word doesn’t mean anything anymore and that’s a very scary thing.

Rick went out to find supplies and possibly track down the Saviors who escaped. Alden, the young Savior who remained behind, asked Rick to bring back as many of the Saviors as possible – alive – because they’re not all bad. When Rick and Morgan were captured by Jared and the gang, Rick promises the men that they would be able to return to the Hilltop and they are agreeable to the deal, turning their backs on Jared and his men to fight with Rick and Morgan. As soon as the Walkers are cleared out, Rick and Morgan clear them.

Rick made a promise, and he broke it. Intentionally. Rick’s word means nothing…and that’s terrifying.

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Henry Is Alive

Carol was in the right place at the right time, and she found Henry alive and well and about to be eaten by river Walkers. She stopped the Walkers and pulled the frightened boy into her arms.

The surprising thing is that she apologized to him after she saved his life. She wanted him to know that she was wrong, and that he can survive in this world. 

Negan’s Passenger, And A Surprise Return To The Sanctuary

After offering Jadis a spot at the Sanctuary, Negan left the Heap and drove back home. Along the way, he picked up a mysterious passenger. He knows this person but we don’t know who it is yet. Could it be Gregory? Laura?

Negan and his mystery passenger returned to the Sanctuary at night, where Negan told the guards at the gate to be quiet about his arrival. He wants them to keep his return a secret for now, which means Simon might be in for a surprise trip to Pee Pee Pants City soon enough.

These are the big ticket items from “Still Gotta Mean Something” that will help you in a conversation at the office water cooler this week. Check back next week for more talking points from the latest episode of The Walking Dead.