The Walking Dead: What else were The Heapsters hiding?

Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) - The Walking DeadPhoto: AMC/Gene Page
Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) - The Walking DeadPhoto: AMC/Gene Page /

The Walking Dead finally showed fans what the inside of The Heapsters containers looked like. What else were they hiding?

Who would have guessed that Jadis was living in an HGTV worthy tiny house inside that container? It was cleverly constructed with the open roof for air flow and the Ikea themed birch interior. Were all The Heapsters living in tiny sanctuaries like Jadis?

Jadis told Simon that before The Heapsters took over the dump it was a flat area filled with trash and castoffs. So her people built all those heaps and clearly they were hiding more than Winslow under them. There were many of those shipping containers, probably decked out in a similar fashion to Jadis’.

In the past on The Walking Dead fans have seen survivors get pretty creative with their community building but it seems like Jadis and her artist clan were the most creative of all and built an entire community that was hidden by trash.

It’s a great disguise. When groups like The Saviors come looking to pillage it looks there really isn’t anything there because their homes and purloined possessions are all very securely hidden. But since The Heapsters remained a mystery community until they were slaughtered they could have been hiding a lot more under those trash heaps. There could be bunkers, food supplies, and possibly weapons safely stashed under the heaps.

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The Helicopter

The helicopter has appeared now several times and clearly Jadis knew about it. Does she know who it belongs to? The fact that she kept checking her watch and knew when to use the flare in order to try and get the attention of the pilot suggests that the helicopter makes regular patrol flights. Jadis and her people probably tracked the flight patterns and times in order to know when to signal if they ever needed to.

Rick, in his grief induced recklessness, could have thrown away a valuable resource by refusing to help Jadis when she asked for Rick and Michonne to help her get clear from the reanimated Heapsters. There is really no way to know what else Jadis knows or what else The Heapsters were hiding under all that trash.

Another Bad Rick Decision

Rick and the others at The Hilltop desperately need food, which The Heapsters probably have. And Jadis clearly has some knowledge that could be useful as the communities try to rebuild. She may even know where caches of weapons are that both sides need. Spurning Jadis when she needed help was a bad decision.

Now Jadis and Negan have bonded over the losses that they have had since the world changes. And if Jadis decides to help Negan in the final battle against Rick and the others at The Hilltop Rick’s spur of the moment anger driven decision to ignore Jadis’ request for help could end up costing him the war.