Fear The Walking Dead BTS video gives insights about season 4

Fear The Walking Dead, AMC, Danay Garcia as Luciana; Colman Domingo as Victor Strand
Fear The Walking Dead, AMC, Danay Garcia as Luciana; Colman Domingo as Victor Strand /

The Fear The Walking Dead season 4 premiere is rapidly approaching and based on teaser trailers and videos this season is a whole new chapter for the show.

There’s no denying that Fear The Walking Dead got off to kind of a rough start. But the show made major strides in season 3 and it looks like season 4 is going to be a stunning season for the show.

In a new behind the scenes vignette some of the cast, showrunners, and EPs talk about where the characters from Fear ended up and what the new season will be like now that Morgan Jones is going to crossover to the Fear The Walking Dead world.

Season 4 starts with a time jump and now the survivors are in Texas. It looks like they are trying to build a community within a stadium, which makes a lot of sense. It’s very defensible and there is space inside for growing crops and tending animals as well as spaces where people can live.

When the show begins there will be flashbacks and other methods used to explain what happened to the survivors after the dam blew up and how they found their way to Texas. Presumably that’s also how they will show the arrival of new main characters and the return of Luciana. So even if you haven’t watched Fear The Walking Dead before you can catch up in the season premiere. You don’t have to watch the previous seasons in order to understand where the characters are now and how they got there.

Watch the video here:

Community And Hope

Both in the video and in various panels talking about the show the cast and showrunners have said that the journey for the Fear survivors this season is a journey towards hope and building a strong community. The lack of community has plagued these survivors throughout the first three seasons. Every time they seem to find a safe haven it falls apart or is taken away. So for them building and maintaining that community is a priority.

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In some ways their efforts to build a community that can last mirror their efforts to keep their family bond. Nick, Madison and Alicia have been separated many times throughout the first three seasons but always they seem to find each other again. That’s a stark contrast to The Walking Dead where the original group has stayed together pretty consistently throughout the 8 seasons of the show.

How Will Morgan Fit In?

There’s a lot of interest from fans in how Morgan will interact with the other survivors and how he will fit into the Fear The Walking Dead storyline. In the video above Lennie James, who plays Morgan, says that “everyone has got it wrong” and that no matter what people have guessed about what Morgan’s role will be in the Fear world none of them have figured out what Morgan’s journey into Fear will be.

It looks like Morgan will be starting on a new journey too. Maybe in the Fear world he will be able to find some balance between his need to kill and the demons he’s fighting and his belief that all life is precious.

Fear The Walking Dead season 4 premieres April 15 immediately after The Walking Dead season 8 finale.