The Walking Dead season 8, episode 15 preview: Worth

Steven Ogg as Simon, Xander Berkeley as Gregory - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Steven Ogg as Simon, Xander Berkeley as Gregory - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Negan is back at Sanctuary and Simon will be none too pleased to find his run as leader cut short on this week’s The Walking Dead.

The Savior cold war is on folks, there’s an unspoken uprising being led by Simon in defiance of Negan’s orders… Naturally, Negan is displeased and might even consult Lucille about the proper direction to take. Simon will be #1 henchman no longer, he wants the Negan regime out and his power restored as it was prior. There will be no more “backsliding” just full-on rebellion. As for who Negan picked up last week? Come on you know it’s gotta be Gregory. Who else could it be, Sherry? Seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, Dwight is going to have to make a choice. On one hand, he feels guilt toward what’s done to Daryl and his friends but they spit on his help at every turn. Then you’ve got Simon who wants the same thing Dwight wants, Negan gone. It’s Negan who’s brought hardship for Dwight and his separated wife, less so the lifestyle of being a Savior.

Would Simon and Dwight leading the Saviors simultaneously be such a bad proposition? Difficult to tell, since obviously Simon wants to be the face and have final say. Yet, he likes Dwight and is not directly responsible for Dwight’s grievances, indirectly at best. Don’t forget Simon doesn’t want to make Dwight disappear like Daryl and crew at this war’s conclusion.

Decision time at Sanctuary

There is no door number #4, this is the only way folks. The power struggle initiated by Simon is moving forward, there’s no way back. All one can do is take sides in the Sanctuary civil war. Now remember, Negan still has the respect of the people outside the armed portion of the Saviors at Sanctuary. Simon’s main shot is to make them never find out about his return to Sanctuary.

Otherwise, the people won’t settle under his rule for long presumably. Sure, Simon can pull another junkyard style light show but what then? Negan is right about people being a resource, and losing too many internally weakens Sanctuary as a powerful base. Which side will Gregory go under? How long will Dwight try to make up and repent for what he’s done for a woman who’s left him.

Sherry does not know what Dwight is doing, and even if she did… Does he really still want her after seeing her kissing Negan? It must eat at him every single day. Sherry left him alone at Sanctuary despite initially saving his life from imminent doom off-screen. She seemed more infatuated with Daryl upon exiting the place. When will Dwight do what’s best for Dwight?

Eugene’s Factory will have visitors on company time

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According to this week’s episode description, “Daryl and Rosita take action and confront an old friend.” That old friend has got to be Eugene. While Eugene has shown moments of weakness toward his old traveling companions, he’s mostly done Negan’s bidding. Why not really? At least Negan treats him and his talents with the highest of respect.

However, Eugene and Simon do not quite share the same type of friendship. They are associates, with Simon ruling through prospective intimidation. Eugene might feel the war between Rick and Negan is coming to an end with Rick as the victor. As we know, in contrast to Dwight, Eugene does what’s best for Eugene. Perhaps, a meeting with Daryl and Rosita will yield positive results for Rick’s group.

Rick Grimes is almost back at Alexandria level

Remember the awesome Rick Grimes we saw in Alexandria when Jessie was on the line? Grimes going back on his word towards the Saviors hinted this Rick is ready to return. Negotiations are over. “Things don’t get better because you want them too. Starting right now, we have to start living in the real world.”

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The Rick who does what he wants, when he wants. Drop Michonne Rick, that’s all you need to do. No more so called moral compass that leads nowhere time and time again. No more letter guilt trips. Everything will fall into place. It all goes back to Woodbury. The Governor was ahead of his time not trusting Rick’s offer, and he has to see his survival viewpoint now. A clash was inevitable, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.