Interview with Katelyn Nacon – Enid at Walker Stalker Chicago 2018

Enid - The Walking Dead - AMC
Enid - The Walking Dead - AMC /

Recently, we spoke with Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid on The Walking Dead, about her character, other projects, and more at Walker Stalker Chicago 2018.

If you asked me to name the most positive and upbeat people I could think of, two cast members from The Walking Dead would be automatically on that list: IronE Singleton or Katelyn Nacon. While I interviewed both of them last year at Walker Stalker Con Chicago, this year I got the opportunity to follow up with Katelyn.

The fact she took time away from her busy booth where she was meeting fans, signing autographs, and taking selfies to speak with Undead Walking is amazing and we thank her hugely for the opportunity to talk to her again.

Check out the full interview we had with Katelyn Nacon at Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2018 from the official Undead Talking YouTube channel:

The conversation started out with a discussion of her becoming a series regular in the last year. She joined Polyanna MacIntosh and Steven Ogg as the three getting the honor, and she shared what that means to her.

Topics of conversation then switched to Enid. She talked about losing Carl (and Chandler), Maggie’s influence on her, filming with Aaron, and more.

We also spoke about her other television show t@gged, which recently found a home on Go90 and follows the horrific story involving three teenagers involved in a dangerous game at the hands of some interesting antagonists.

Finally, we talked about what we wanted to see from Enid in the future (assuming she has the opportunity to be in future seasons) before the interview came to a close.

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Once again, I’d like to thank Katelyn Nacon for taking the time to talk with Undead Walking as well as Walker Stalker Con, Fan Fest, and the great staff working at the event to help keep everything running smoothly. Hopefully, I’ll be able to speak with her again next year.