Sneak peek video: The Walking Dead 816

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in The Walking Dead (2010). Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in The Walking Dead (2010). Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

It’s all or nothing on the season finale of The Walking Dead. In the sneak peek video, we see that Eugene is falling in the Negan line more than ever.

After Negan dispatched his former right hand man Simon, and knowing that Dwight was his traitor, Negan is looking for loyalty heading into the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead. Will he find that loyalty in Eugene? Let’s break down the sneak peek to find out.

Negan cleaned house in the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead and right now he needs people he can count on. Upon his return he ordered an ungodly amount of ammunition from Eugene’s factory, and now that he knows where he stands with his former friends and allies, Eugene is all in on the work effort.

Eugene managed to escape from Rosita and Daryl after they captured him. Rosita called him worthless and would have no trouble killing him, so he went back to the Saviors because he is valued there. His life doesn’t mean any more there or with Rick’s group, so he’s putting his faith in Negan.

Here’s a look at the sneak peek of The Walking Dead 816:

As you can see, Negan is pleased to find that Eugene didn’t let him down. He has all of the ammo done and ready, and he personally tested it himself. Eugene offers Negan a gun to try out, and Gabriel winces as Negan fires off several rounds successfully. Laura has informed Eugene of their plan and Negan asks if Eugene is certain that he wants to accompany them on the attack. Eugene says he needs to see it.

It’s interesting that Negan offers Eugene an out, knowing that he’s going to witness the slaughter of his people. However, Eugene knows what he’s worth to his people now that they think he’s a traitor, so he needs to see his efforts pay off.

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Be sure to watch the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, April 15 at 9pm on AMC.