Will Eugene determine who wins All Out War on The Walking Dead?

Eugene, who was once most likely to die, has escaped death and may hold the key to victory in his very hands. His bullet making skills will be put to the test as Rick and Negan meet on the battlefield for possibly the last time on The Walking Dead.

Eugene has been called many things and the hatred for his character on The Walking Dead has gotten stronger, especially from Rosita. Rosita may have felt the sting of his betrayal more than anyone who has been surviving with him and Abraham well before they met Rick.

She’s the first to speak her mind and bully the easily frightened smarty pants with no signs of holding back.

The mullet-wearing Eugene has been living at The Sanctuary since his capture in season 7 of the show (greenlit for season 9) and has been working hard on preparing Negan’s bullet order. After one catastrophe after another had befallen on Negan, he literally slammed his foot down and has decided Rick and his people are no longer resources.

His next attack will be his last, leaving no survivors. Eugene’s already busy work station must go into overdrive to provide enough bullets for this last attack to end the war, even re-enlisting Father Gabriel’s help (when earlier he was pulled from bullet making for making defective bullets).

Time is running out but Eugene can still come back from his traitorous ways. From what we can gather he is the only person at The Sanctuary who knows how to make bullets.

How do we know he’s not purposely making faulty projectiles that will either not fire or inflict damage to The Saviors using them?

If the bullets work, that is the final straw and Eugene has indeed betrayed Alexandria and joined The Saviors with no signs of redemption. If they don’t, Eugene has been playing Negan like a violin all along.

If the latter were to happen Rick may have the upper hand in winning the war. But will Eugene be welcomed back home after the dust settles?

Eugene’s track record while staying at The Sanctuary has been confusing. On the one hand, he is Negan.

He refused to aid Negan’s wives in killing him, attempted to lure the walkers away when The Sanctuary was surrounded and even went as far as to provide Negan with the idea to drown their weapons in walker guts. On the other, he’s using his situation to aid Rick.

He helped Father Gabriel and Dr. Carson escape so they could help pregnant Maggie, refused to rat on Dwight when he discovered Dwight’s true intentions

Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in The Walking Dead (2010) 815. Photo: Gene Page/AMC

and didn’t even tell anyone about Daryl and Rosita’s attempts to kidnap him. The fate of the war is in his hands.

He’s proven his intelligence many times over. He plans ahead and though he fears he’ll be caught and killed will still aid the other side when he can.

He easily fades into the background when Negan’s attention is occupied with his top Saviors which helps him fly under the radar until the topic of ‘bullets’ is mentioned.

He’s seen Negan’s brutality and generosity. Same could be said of Rick.

The final episode from season 8 of The Walking Dead on Sunday may be Eugene’s last chance at any restitution. Do you think he’ll pull through and help Rick or side with Negan?