Peter Luis Zimmerman talks about The Walking Dead season 8 finale

The Walking Dead; AMC; Peter Zimmerman as Eduardo
The Walking Dead; AMC; Peter Zimmerman as Eduardo /

The Walking Dead’s Peter Zimmerman, Eduardo from The Hilltop, talks about the season 8 finale and what comes after for the survivors.

The Walking Dead season 8 finale is just days away and All Out War will finally be decided one way or another. At this point both sides have taken some heavy hits and the forces on both sides are weary of battle. In a world where everyday is a fight to survive constant warfare with other groups can take a toll. Especially fighting a force like The Saviors.

Now that both sides have considerably fewer people to fight the last battle is going to come down to strategy. While The Saviors still outnumber the survivors they have used up most of their bullet resources and may not have the ammunition they need to overpower the alliance forces.

And after Simon’s attempt to divide The Saviors and take over The Sanctuary himself The Saviors may not be in the best fighting shape mentally. If those divisions run deep some of The Saviors may not really want to fight for Negan after he killed Simon, let him turn, and put him on the fence.

But that war will be over after the season 8 finale, ‘Wrath’ that airs this weekend. One of our favorite Hilltop residents, Peter Zimmerman, recently gave us his thoughts on whether or not The Saviors are as cohesive a group as they seem, whether or not the alliance survivors are ready for one last battle, and whether or not he thinks Ricks will suspect a trap.

The End Of All Out War

Simon’s attempted coup showed there are some cracks in the cohesiveness of The Saviors – do you think this could give The Hilltop force an advantage since they are fighting as one cohesive unit for one purpose?

"I really like what Carol said about “Winning only means we get another day”. There are no winners. Everybody is losing already and I think the cycle will just repeat if we go on the same way we have been.More from Undead WalkingWalking Dead alum Jayson Warner Smith promotes new film, Chipper, watch it nowWalking Dead actor Chandler Riggs filming new movie in Tampa BayWhy is there no season 12 of The Walking Dead?Will Morgan Jones find Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live spinoff?Watch Tales of TWD actress Jillian Bell in Prime Video’s Candy Cane Lane"

 We know that The Hilltop force is walking into a trap – do you think that Rick will suspect a trap because he’s always mistrusted Dwight?

"That’s a tough one to answer, but just going based off of what we know from Rick Grimes and how he has evolved I don’t think he fully trusts anyone. Dwight is definitely doing everything he can to show he can be trusted and even some of our other characters are showing signs of trust towards him. We will just have to see how it all plays out!"

With the final battle looming what does the future look like for each side if they lose? Would The Hilltop accept life under Negan’s rule again?

"I think there has been an awakening in most of us, thanks to Maggie, and I feel like we wouldn’t settle for less than we deserve at this point."

The arc of this season has been focused on mercy and having the communities live in peace- Do you think that if Negan wins he should kill Rick or try to make peace? Or if Rick wins should he kill Negan or try to make peace?

"Speaking for myself, I think I’d like to see peace regardless. We’ve had people close to us die and like l mentioned, there is no winner. I’m very excited to experience this finale with all of you and to see how it all unfolds. I’ll be watching it in theaters!"

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Thanks to The Walking Dead’s Peter Zimmerman for answering our questions! You can listen to his new album “Z” which is out now here. And you can meet him in person next month at the Senoia Dead Bash. Follow him on Twitter: @IAmPeterZ  and on Instagram: @IAmPeterZ