Al provides an interesting take in Fear The Walking Dead season 4

Al - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Al - Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Some people want to know more about others, and Al takes getting to know people to an extreme level during season 4 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead.

When it was announced that Maggie Grace would be joining season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead, many fans started wondering what kind of role she would play in the AMC zombie survival drama series.

Known for roles in hit television shows like Californication and Lost, expectations are high for the established actress to step in and interact with characters such as Madison, Alicia, Nick, Strand, and the rest of the gang.

During the season 4 premiere episode of Fear The Walking Dead, fans finally got to meet Althea. Going by the name Al for short, this new survivor has a SWAT truck rigged with guns and plenty of supplies to survive the apocalypse.

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  • However, what keeps her pressing on isn’t trying to protect friends and family, finding a sustainable community to survive in, or even stockpiling supplies for long-term survival. Instead, she sees information as the most important commodity.

    Her hard-nosed nature and take no prisoners approach to meeting other survivors turns off like a light switch when the opportunity to find out who they are, where they came from, and what they are looking for.

    She documents all their stories on a video camera but hasn’t quite revealed why she wants to hear everyone’s story or what she would do with this information once it is compiled.

    Unlike her new traveling companions John and Morgan, Al has absolutely no problem exerting violence onto other human beings or taking their lives if the situation deems it necessary. She has been hardened by the world, meaning it may take a while for her hard shell to crack in order to learn more about who she is and what she wants.

    Al is unlike anything we’ve seen before on AMC’s zombie survival drama series, making her character one to watch going forward.

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    Why do you think Al is gathering so much information on survivors by wanting to hear their story? Do you think she is hiding some secrets? And do you want her on Fear The Walking Dead for many seasons to come? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.