John is exactly what Fear The Walking Dead season 4 needed

Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Garret Dillahunt as John
Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Garret Dillahunt as John /

Fear The Walking Dead introduced a new character named John in the season 4 premiere and fans should be excited to learn more about him.

The season 4 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead was a strange one from many standpoints, yet it managed to capture the attention of hardcore fans of the series as well as introduce a new audience to the series.

While much of the attention of the episode focused on the transition of Morgan Jones from AMC’s flagship undead drama to its companion series, there was one character who may have stolen the show.

Played by Garret Dillahunt, a brand new character named John made his appearance during the season 4 premiere and brought a completely different attitude to the show from the moment he appeared on the screen.

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  • A mixture of a gunslinger and humanitarian, John not only serves as a great bridge character to help Morgan finally discover himself but could also allow the crossover character to finally feel able to trust and care about someone again.

    John wants to help people whenever possible, but isn’t afraid to stand up for whatever he believes is right. He can survive on his own, but can find comfort in being with like-minded survivors. It is this kind of intricacies that help make his character so dynamic and fluid.

    Despite looking for someone named Laura, he doesn’t live in fear or living without or with people. He can sniff out which survivors are good and which are bad, but still would prefer not to kill anyone unless absolutely necessary.

    Much like Sherrif Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, John has a cowboy-style and a revolver, yet the stereotype and sharp shooting doesn’t feel like too much of a cliche and opens up a character for what hopefully will be a long-term addition to the show’s cast.

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    What do you think of John? Would you like to see John be around for multiple seasons on Fear The Walking Dead? Will he be the bridge needed to help Morgan? And do you think he will eventually find what he is looking for? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.