The Walking Dead season 8 finale preview: Wrath

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Simon (Steven Ogg) in The Walking Dead (2010) 815. Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Simon (Steven Ogg) in The Walking Dead (2010) 815. Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

All out war breaks out on The Walking Dead’s season 8 finale with The Saviors restocked on ammo thanks to Dr. Smarty Pants.

Negan went back to his usual bad self after teasing a good guy switch recently on The Walking Dead. They also had him eliminate season 8’s standout character Simon in order to do so… The series again removed a fascinating character, an absolute asset to the series that could have impacted multiple seasons ahead. Why couldn’t Simon have just fled Sanctuary and returned at some point seasons ahead? At least Negan ignored Michonne’s obvious use of Carl to end the war, “Enough talk,” said all that needs to be said. Tonight, action goes down on The Walking Dead.

All eyes will be on Morgan Jones moving on to Fear the Walking Dead tonight. Still quite a turn of events considering the series was once said to never merge prior to its first season. It was likely inevitable considering ratings were gradually hurting (compared to earlier seasons) and Morgan is the safe choice to crossover. You’ll also have Deadwood veteran Garret Dillahunt join former co-actor Kim Dickens as the show continues to stack on talents from the legendary series. Last season we saw Dayton Callie as Jeremiah Otto. How long before we see Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant make their way onto the show?

On Fear the Walking Dead last season, you had unique character Troy unexpectedly taken out by Madison Clark. A movement called #SaveTroy popped up on Twitter a bit afterwards to petition him back on the show, to no avail. One can only wonder how much character potential was lost? Just like Simon on the mainline series… Both shows need to be more careful about ending characters on a whim.

“Wrath” Sneak Peak

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We see Eugene seemingly completely on Negan’s side now, after being physically threatened by Rosita and Daryl. Rosita still doesn’t understand Eugene, he needs positive reenforcement. Every bad word just pushed Eugene back to The Saviors and he’s not an unreasonable man. Eugene has previously allowed Father Gabriel and Sanctuary’s only doctor to escape.

Neither told him what a bad person he was or what hole they would throw him in. Just compare the way Rosita treats him to Negan, it’s night and day. Thanks to Eugene, The Saviors ammo is fully restocked and ready to go. He even labels a practice target “Rick” for Negan.

All Out War

It’s winner take all on tonight’s Walking Dead season 8 finale! Who will make it to season 9 of the series? All the chaos is a perfect opportunity to have Maggie Greene quietly flee Hilltop if necessary instead of taking her character out. Yes, Lauren Cohan has signed on to ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier but it doesn’t mean The Walking Dead has to eliminate her character. Bring on a long term hiatus if necessary.

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Will Jadis be making an appearance? Will Negan show her Simon’s walker form, convincing her to join The Saviors? An action packed thriller awaits us tonight as both sides go for broke. Nothing held back, it’s all out war and mayhem before the red curtains descend on season 8.