The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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Todd with Mara - The Walking Dead - AMC
Todd with Mara – The Walking Dead – AMC /


  • Played by: Lee Norris
  • Introduced: Episode 802 ‘The Damned’
  • Died: Episode 803 ‘Monsters’
  • Killed by: Daryl Dixon

Some fans may have recognized Todd as being played by the kid who was Minkus on the show Boy Meets World, but others likely knew him as the member of The Saviors who was able to sneak away during Alexandria’s assault on Mara’s outpost.

He was able to avoid being trapped in the line of fire by Alexandria, but wasn’t able to escape totally undetected. Todd took a shot at Rick after the battle was over, but ended up coming out of his hiding spot after a conversation with Rick.

After being promised to be let go in exchange for information, Todd filled Rick and Daryl in on how The Saviors moved their big gun after getting a heads up that there would likely be an attack but the survivors.

Rick’s promise wasn’t held up by Daryl, who shot Todd in the head after giving the information.