The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Daniel Newman
  • Introduced: Episode 615 ‘East’
  • Died: Episode 804 ‘Some Guy’
  • Killed by: The Saviors

Making his debut in season 6 while interacting with Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones, he almost got shot while trying to warn them about a group of walkers heading their way.

There was more though. He was part of the group that showed up on horseback to help Carol after she left Alexandria to find herself again.

Daniel continued to be a valuable member of The Kingdom, often being seen in meetings with The Saviors to pay their safety or by the side of King Ezekiel, doing his best to protect the community and its leader.

He fought valiantly for Ezekiel, proving his loyalty by diving in front of the king during an assault on on one of The Saviors outposts. He was mowed down by a Browning, only to come back as a walker and eventually be put down by Alvaro.