The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Whitmer Thomas
  • Introduced: Episode 804 ‘Some Guy’
  • Died: Episode 804 ‘Some Guy’
  • Killed by: Jerry

Characters don’t get much more creepy or unlikable than Gunther. From his horrible personality to his awkward ‘Angry Video Game Nerd‘ kind of look has you wanting to smash his face with your fists until there is nothing left.

That said, Gunther was there to clean up after the carnage from the Browning fire that decimated the people from The Kingdom. He shot Alvaro in the back of the head and grabbed Ezekiel, hoping to bring him to Negan for a huge reward.

He got stuck at a closed fence where walkers were closing in on him and Ezekiel. As an act of self preservation, Gunther was going to leave the king behind to save himself but instead was the victim of a mighty battle ax slide from Jerry, splitting him in two.