The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Trey Butler
  • Introduced: Episode 804 ‘Some Guy’
  • Died: Episode 804 ‘Some Guy’
  • Killed by: The Saviors

Not to be confused with explosive expert and Daryl’s victim Fat Joey, Joey was part of the group at the outpost of The Saviors where the Browning gun was used to wipe out a large number of survivors from The Kingdom.

A group of Negan’s men led by Yago were closing in on Carol when she got trapped behind a vehicle, but she took Joey hostage and let them know that the only way they would get to her is if they went through Joey.

Carol didn’t anticipate that Yago and The Saviors would show little to no consideration or remorse for shooting Joey in an attempt to kill her. Still, this allowed enough time for Negan’s group to escape with the weapons.