The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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Shiva - The Walking Dead - AMC
Shiva – The Walking Dead – AMC /


  • Played by: CGI and practical effects
  • Introduced: Episode 702 ‘The Well’
  • Died: Episode 804 ‘Some Guy’
  • Killed by: Walkers

In the past, there have been animals included in the deaths on The Walking Dead. Dogs, horses, and other animals made their appearances on the lists, but this is the first time something that has never been alive gets a memorial.

Always by the side of Ezekiel, the story goes that the leader of The Kingdom rescued the animal from the zoo near the beginning of the outbreak. Since the two had a unique bond, they settled down together and created a community.

People immediately took a liking to this charismatic former zookeeper and his pet tiger. They quickly became an iconic symbol for the community and one of the biggest forces fighting on the front lines.

Despite having several successful attacks, Shiva met his doom trying to save Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry from walkers in a river basin. The tiger sacrificed himself to buy time for the three humans and become devoured by some of the most unique walkers on the show.