The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Charles Halford
  • Introduced: Episode 804 ‘Some Guy’
  • Died: Episode 805 ‘The Big Scary U’
  • Killed by: Rick Grimes

Yago was a member of The Saviors army, but more of a middle manager in Negan’s ranks. He was one of the individuals at the outpost where many survivors from The Kingdom got mowed down by the Browning.

He showed very little concern for others in Negan’s army. He and others opened fire on Joey despite being used as a human shield by Carol and made his escape with the truck full of weapons headed for another outpost.

On the road, he met up with Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. Daryl was able to eliminate the man in the back of the truck on the big gun, but it was Rick who jumped into the front of the truck and stabbed Yago in the abdomen.

The truck crashed into the ditch, but Daryl arrived on the scene and demanded to know who survived the battle at the chemical outpost. He says it was Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry before dying from his wounds. Rick then stabbed him in the head to keep him from coming back as one of the undead.