The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Deborah May
  • Introduced: Episode 706 ‘Swear’
  • Died: Episode 808 ‘How It’s Gonna Be’
  • Killed by: Enid

As the leader of Oceanside, Natanya has seen her fair share of tragedy. The group previously lived in a different location, but moved to this hidden locale after all the men and older boys in their community were massacred by Simon.

Natanya had very strict rules as to not be seen by outsiders and to kill anyone who got in their way to protect the people still living in their community. The matriarch of Oceanside accidentally let Tara escape, leaving Alexandria aware of their existence.

Rick and others went to their community to confiscate their guns to give The Scavengers, leaving Natanya and the people from Oceanside defenseless. However, Enid and Aaron saw more potential in them as allies.

On their way to get a gift for them while hoping to entice them into entering All-Out War, Enid was startled by a stranger attacking Aaron and fired her gun. It was revealed to be Natanya she shot, killing her instantly.