The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Jayson Warner Smith
  • Introduced: Episode 702 ‘The Well’
  • Died: Episode 809 ‘Honor’
  • Killed by: Henry

Negan’s army is massive. The structure of The Saviors involves generals, workers, and grunts, with Gavin being one of the trusted generals put in charge of interacting with the people of The Kingdom.

Gavin didn’t seem like much of a killer. In fact, his desire to not rock the boat and do as little killing as possible is what made him one of the most likable members of The Saviors who interacted with the survivors.

Sadly, Gavin’s demeanor also meant that he did exactly as ordered and allowed a lot of leniency with his people, punishing them by moving them to a different outpost. But he still was a quick thinker who was quick to put clues together to form a big picture.

The leader of the group heading to The Kingdom to get Ezekiel in line, Gavin ordered that they give up their leader in order to prevent further bloodshed. While The King was able to get his people out of the community, Gavin’s soldiers were slaughtered by Carol and Morgan.

Gavin attempted to escape The Kingdom after being wounded but was found by Morgan. Standing before Morgan, Carol, and Ezekiel, a sharpened staff went through Gavin’s neck from behind and it was revealed to be Henry who performed the act.