The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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Dr. Harlan Carson - The Walking Dead - AMC
Dr. Harlan Carson – The Walking Dead – AMC /

Harlan Carson

  • Played by: R. Keith Harris
  • Introduced: Episode 611 ‘Knots Untie’
  • Died: Episode 811 ‘Dead or Alive Or’
  • Killed by: The Saviors

As the doctor at The Hilltop, Dr. Carson looked over Maggie during her pregnancy as well as others thanks to his background as an obstetrician and was at the community since the beginning when it was just a FEMA camp.

He was a valuable member of the community until he was taken to The Sanctuary to replace his brother, who was killed by Negan and The Saviors. While there, he looked after Father Gabriel, who was having an issue with losing his sight.

Harlan was able to escape from the situation with Gabriel with help from Eugene, but their freedom was short-lived. Despite finding keys, a map, and a vehicle, they were unable to get home to The Hilltop.

Once they were inside the vehicle, they were discovered by a group of The Saviors altered to their escape by Negan. Rather than go back to Negan’s men, Harlan attempted to be a hero by grabbing a gun, and got shot and killed for his efforts.