The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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Freddie - The Walking Dead, AMC
Freddie – The Walking Dead, AMC /


  • Played by: Brett Gentile
  • Introduced: Episode 611 “Knots Untie”
  • Died: Episode 802 “The Damned”
  • Killed by: Shot several times by The Saviors

Trusted to make supply runs for The Hilltop, Freddy was found injured in a house along with Carson, Bertie, and Wesley after running into some walkers on the road while looking for medical supplies.

He was discovered in the house by Abraham, who held him against the wall with a knife to his head. After a moment of realizing that he wasn’t a zombie, Abraham helped him out of the house and the group went to The Hilltop together.

Freddie was also part of the group that pleads their allegiance to Rick’s group. He trained with Maggie and the others, watched as The Saviors took Dr. Carson from their community to The Sanctuary, and helped weld the metal to vehicles to use against Negan’s group.

As part of the group returning to the satellite outpost, he was one of the three men standing in a doorway which was opened fire upon when opened. Several bullets from The Saviors hit him, killing him nearly instantly.