The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Joshua Mikel
  • Introduced: Episode 702 ‘The Well’
  • Died: Episode 814 ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’
  • Killed by: Morgan Jones and walkers

Earlier, it was mentioned how Gunther might be one of the worst and most disliked survivors ever to be on The Walking Dead. If that’s true, Jared might give him a great run for his money in that competition.

Jared is a despicable person. He’s got a bad attitude and shows no compassion for other human beings, looking out for himself and creating no positive relationships with others. He shot Benjamin at one of the meetings with The Kingdom and was transferred to the satellite outpost for his actions.

He was one of The Saviors captured at the outpost and brought to The Hilltop to be kept as a prisoner. Inside the cage, he kept his poor attitude and never owned up to shooting Benjamin, even when threatened by Benjamin.

They escaped when the cage was opened, but Jared stayed untrusting of Rick and Morgan. His gut reaction was right, as Morgan closed a gate on Jared and held him by his clothes at the bar while walkers ate him alive.