The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Rick Shoemaker
  • Introduced: Episode 802 “The Damned”
  • Died: Episode 802 “The Damned”
  • Killed by: Alexandria’s attack team

As a member of The Saviors, Dino was stationed to the outpost that was attacked by Alexandria. He followed the orders of Mara, who was left in control because Regina was at the meeting with Negan to discuss current situations.

Dino was stationed at the cafe when the crew from Alexandria showed up on the scene in their armored vehicles and opened fire on the crew working at the outpost. He took cover behind a vehicle with Mara to be safe from the gunfire.

Mara told her people that they needed to push back against their attackers, and Dino was one of those who fought back. However, he was shot by one of the attackers and killed, only to return as a walker.

After his reanimation, he finds Mara and takes a huge bite out of her just as she figures out that Alexandria’s plan the entire time was to kill who they could and then use their own people against them.