The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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  • Played by: Dahlia Legault
  • Introduced: Episode 514 ‘Spend’
  • Died: Episode 802 ‘The Damned’
  • Killed by: An unknown member of The Saviors

Likely best known for being the individual from Alexandria who Abraham saved at the construction site during a walker attack, Francine had been a regular face at the community for the survivors for over two seasons.

She was often seen at the town hall meetings or in the background following her interaction with Abraham, but was also vocal in her displeasure after the decimation of the community, telling Rick that it is a graveyard.

Francine was also in other scenes, like being given cookies by Carol, watching the gates of Alexandria, going to Oceanside, or being part of the group watching as The Saviors ransacked their houses and buildings for food and supplies.

Francine was part of the group from Alexandria who attacked the outpost where Mara and her soldiers were stationed but was shot during the battle. Her death is witnessed by Eric, who reacts poorly to being a witness to her demise.

After the battle, her body is covered with a sheet and brought to Alexandria to be buried.