The Walking Dead: All named character deaths from season 8

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Eric Raleigh

  • Played by: Jordan Woods-Robinson
  • Introduced: Episode 511 ‘The Distance’
  • Died: Episode 803 ‘Monsters’
  • Killed by: Bleeding out from being shot by The Saviors

If not for Aaron and Eric, Rick and the group traveling to Washington D.C. would never have found Alexandria. Those two men served as scouts for the community, looking for good people to bring back and introduce to Deanna.

Making a lot of friends in the Alexandria and hosting Daryl for a night of pasta, Eric seemed ready for when society settled down and wanted to build a future in Alexandria.

Eric was a rational character, who disliked going to war and hated whenever his boyfriend Aaron put himself in danger. Even though he felt that way, he still joined the fight against The Saviors to fight next to Aaron.

Sadly, the battle at the outpost would be Eric’s last. He was shot in the abdomen and left the battlefield only to die underneath a tree. When Aaron returned to find him after the skirmish, he instead found that Eric was a walker and was joining the herd of the undead.