Fear the Walking Dead 402 recap: Another Day in the Diamond

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead takes us back to check in with the Clark family. Here’s your recap of “Another Day in the Diamond.”

This week’s episode starts off with everyone waking up. Alicia, Strand, Luciana, Nick. Nick and Luciana are sharing a bed and a well-appointed room. Alicia opens the curtain and it turns out she’s in a luxury suite at a ballpark. She looks out at the field, which has become a fully functional city with crops and machines and animals.

Madison is there, and she’s talking to a little girl named Charlie. She asks about her family, but Charlie doesn’t want to talk about them. Madison shifts gears and asks about favorite subjects in school and food. Charlie hates salmon patties. They’re up on the top of the ballpark looking out over the landscape. Madison tells the youngster that living there will take a while to get used to, but it’s her home now. Charlie nods and points in the direction her family was coming from when they found her.

Cue the credits.

There’s a voice that rings out over the ballpark, announcing that it has been “365 days in the diamond.” Strand offers up a bottle of maple syrup for their breakfast to celebrate. There is a banging sound, and Strand asks if she was up all night. He’s referring to Madison, who is working to build Charlie a new house in the dugout. Alicia says that it’s their turn to make a run, and Madison makes a joke but Alicia doesn’t laugh. She says she survived a lot worse than a lack of sleep. She’ll be ready for their run.

Charlie talks to Nick while he tends his crops. He reveals that the turnips aren’t growing well. She asks about their storage and food supplies, pressing for details, and he says they have enough for now. He says that soon they will have plenty of food and won’t have to make runs.

Madison talks to the team about traveling outside the range to search for Charlie’s family. One man says they shouldn’t go that far but Madison points out that Viv convinced them to go out of range and they found him. They launch some flaming baseballs at the Infected at the gate. Luciana packs the truck while Strand tells a man that he’s supposed to be on watch duty, because Strand is the one who made the schedule. Nick tells Luciana to come back in one piece, but he won’t go out. He’s content with staying behind even though Luciana gets bored.

Madison drives and Luciana says that he needs to come out. Madison says he will come out, but she wasn’t there when Madison found him and he needs to feel safe for now. Cole packed some good snacks for them and Madison teases Strand that they need to get drinks with him, but Strand says he only drinks with Madison. Nick calls them on the radio and says the turnips have weevils, and he asks them to bring another book back for Charlie, but then they go out of range.

When they arrive in the town, Luciana and Strand go off on their own while Madison and Alicia go in another direction. Strand goes into a shop to find it has been looted. Luciana notes it has been picked clean. They radio ahead to Madison, who is at a bunch of silos. The number 457 is on a flag overhead and Alicia wonders what it means. They search the area and find a burned out car, which could be where Charlie’s family was. Strand calls in that there is no sign of anyone, alive or dead. And that’s weird.

Madison finds an open can of beans so they decide to search more.

Luciana says that Madison won’t stop until she has looked everywhere. Strand says that’s why he’s still there, and Luciana agrees. He doesn’t know why she helped him, and Luciana suggests that he asks her.

Nick finds Charlie in the dugout and she knows they didn’t go on a normal run. They’re looking for her family. She asks why Nick doesn’t go out there. “Because I like it better in here,” he says. He’d rather be inside looking at turnips.

Alicia radios to her mom, but someone puts a gun to Madison’s head and demands her keys. It’s Naomi, played by Jenna Elfman. Madison tells the stranger that she doesn’t have to do this, and she sends a signal to Strand, who comes running. Madison tells the stranger that they have a settlement. She talks about Charlie and asks if the stranger knows her. She asks Madison to stop. She grabs the keys, but Alicia comes around the corner. She finds herself surrounded and Strand tells her to take it easy. She runs to the top of the silo, and Madison and Alicia tell her that they can trust her. Naomi falls into the silo, into the dank and murky water. It’s full of the dead.

Madison tells Alicia to get the hatch open and she jumps in, helping to save Naomi. Strand and Luciana work on the hatch but it’s rusted shut. When they get it open, the putrid water pours out. The rest of the group fights off the dead while Alicia checks on her mom. Naomi is also ok.

Night falls on the group and they camp out at the silos. Luciana finds a copy of The Little Prince for Charlie. Strand asks who they risked their lives for “this time” and the woman, Naomi, introduces herself. She apologizes and says she wasn’t going to hurt anyone. Alicia says that someone put the dead into the tank, but Naomi is only passing through. Madison asks if she has been traveling this whole time. They can hear the dead inside the other silos.

Nick burns the infested crops. He hears a noise and goes to look. There’s music playing somewhere. There’s an Infected at the gate and he looks at it. Later, he tells Viv and the other man that they should go look for the source, but they advise him to wait. Charlie is there, and he asks her to open the gate for him. He drives out, slowly, forcing down his anxiety. He’s having flashbacks of the time at the dam, of being underwater. His knuckles are white with tension as he drives. When the infected surround the car he start to see the moment the dam exploded. He hits the gas and crashes into a light pole. Cole kills the Infected and tells him to get back, and then Madison pulls up. Luciana asks what happened and he says he’s taking a stroll.

Inside, Madison goes to talk to Charlie. She’s in a deck chair, and she knows Madison didn’t find them. Madison asks what happened to their camp, and whether the young girl knows who caused all of the destruction.

Naomi tends to Nick’s cut and he asks if she was a nurse or a doctor. She was an ER and ICU nurse. Madison comes back and says Charlie wasn’t shocked by the news. Naomi says Madison didn’t mention her camp was a baseball stadium. There are 47 people living there, 48 if Naomi stays. Madison says she’s still welcome there. She thought she lost her kids, but she found them and she found this place, which she built. Naomi says they don’t know her, and Madison points out that Naomi doesn’t know them, either. She offers Naomi a shower, complete with hot water. “But you’ve gotta turn the knob all the way to the right to get it really hot.”

Cole and Luciana work to bring the truck back in. Strand is also there, and Cole radios Luciana to ask if Strand wants to get to know him. She stops talking, and then she tells them to get inside immediately. Outside, behind them, is a swarm of city buses, vans, RVs and trucks. They pile into the parking lot with their lights on. Alicia tells everyone to go to the armory and grab the weapons.

The man driving the El Camino with a bike in the back gets out. He grabs the bike and turns on the radio attached to it. It blasts some Strauss as he weaves in and out of the infected, who follow him into the back of a flatbed truck. Madison and the others watch as the truck is closed off and the man reappears with a white sheet. He tapes it to the truck and sprays a number 12 on it before returning to the car. He grabs a cooler and lawn chair and sits down.

“You picked a hell of a night to join us,” Strand says to Naomi.

The gates open and Madison walks out with her people still inside. She approaches the strange and asks if there’s a problem. He offers her a beer. She says there are a lot of people and guns inside. He asks if they think he was the one who attacked the camp, but he says that no one thought about what would happen about making a camp between the silos. He cleaned up their mess. He’s there to make them listen. They have a mess out there, and he proceeds to tell her that she should tell Nick about clearing out the rest of his crops because the weevils are a problem. He calls to the “kiddo” and Charlie walks out. He gives her a hug and apologizes for being late. He says he has new records for her on the bus and sends her inside. 

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The man says Charlie is a good kid. They found her a while ago and she has a knack for finding good stuff. This time she found the good stuff. He says people always say they won’t give up anything. He knows they’re good people, and he knows how much ammunition they have. He says there’s a natural cycle to these communities. He offers a spot in their community, and he also says they will give him their stuff. He introduces himself as Mel. Madison says she isn’t going anywhere. After doing Mel’s style for a while, they have a better way. Mel says they haven’t been tested yet, but they’re about to be.

Buzzards circle the sky. Nick digs at his crops and finds the weevils are still a problem. Strand and the team are still at the gate and Mel and his people are still outside, waiting. Madison is back in the dugout, pounding away at her little house. The rest of the group goes to her and starts working. And why not? They’re not going anywhere. This is their ballpark.

Luciana goes outside the gates and marches purposefully to the city bus. Inside you can see plants hanging. Charlie watches as she sets the book on the ground and then walks away. Yeah, Charlie, they did care about you.

Nick watches the work being done. Luciana returns and they keep working.


We return to the “present” where Nick and his group meet up with Al, John and Morgan. They’re on their knees and Luciana comes out with the flag with 51 on it. They think they’re with “them.” Strand calls them the Vultures. Al says she doesn’t know what that means. She wants to know what the Vultures did to them. Alicia tells them to show them where they found them. They load into the tank and drive away. Nick sits in the back with the prisoners. The SWAT truck goes off down the road.

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