Teaser preview video from Fear the Walking Dead 406: Just In Case

Naomi (Jenna Elfman) in Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Naomi (Jenna Elfman) in Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/AMC /

Take a look at some of the action and drama fans can expect from season 4 episode 6 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead titled ‘Just In Case’ on May 20, 2018.

Fear The Walking Dead continues to tell an interesting story of the survivors following the fallout from the explosion of the dam in the season 3 finale of the popular AMC zombie survival drama series.

Heading into season 4 episode 6, fans are left wondering what else the program can do to shock its viewers during the storyline involving The Vultures and the survivors attempting to survive inside a baseball stadium.

Thankfully, AMC has released a teaser for the upcoming episode on May 20, 2018 on their official YouTube channel. Check out the video:

There is a lot happening in the preview video! Here is a breakdown of some of the action as well as what some of the scenes might mean:

  • John Dorie appears to be holding someone at gunpoint with his revolver with Morgan by his side, likely trying to stop more violence from happening…but actually pulls the trigger!
  • A map has been found by John, possibly leading to a location where The Vultures will be meeting or maybe some supplies!
  • Madison gets warned/threatened by the leader of The Vultures again after trying to go on a run outside the baseball diamond, with this one being more intimidating than the last.
  • Naomi flips through some supplies at a store and fights some walkers there.
  • Alicia, Strand, and others prepare to fight and could be at the meetup location on the map they found.
  • Morgan and John appear to be at the baseball diamond, which would be their first time at the settlement.
  • Walkers claw at a window where there is a survivor outside, appearing to be a blonde person.

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What did you think of this teaser video for season 4 episode 6 of Fear The Walking Dead? Did it make you want to watch ‘Just In Case’ a little more? Let us know what you thinking in the comments section below.

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