Five underestimated women from The Walking Dead

Andrea, Lori, and Maggie - The Walking Dead - AMC
Andrea, Lori, and Maggie - The Walking Dead - AMC /
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Andrea - The Walking Dead - AMC
Andrea – The Walking Dead – AMC /


What was overlooked by Andrea was her diligence and heart. She wanted to give up after losing Amy, she wanted to be independent, she wanted a safe and secure place to call home but through it all, she wanted her friends and family safe.

Her shooting skills improved thanks to Shane’s unconventional teaching methods, and so did her confidence. When the group lost the farm she went into the walker herd to save Carol and accidentally got left at the farm in the process.

Andrea believed Woodbury could be a safe place to stay and she tried to convince Michonne not t leave so she could survive. When she failed to kill The Governor in his sleep Andrea organized Rick to meet him so they could avoid a war.

Andrea’s loyalties were still tied to Rick and any hope she had for Woodbury began to diminish. She made it her mission to try to get back to her friends and warn them of The Governor’s impending attack ultimately failed she refused to give up.

She lost the fight in the end but was remembered as one who tried to keep the peace between two groups. She used her close proximity to The Governor to her advantage and forgave her friends for any doubt they had regarding her loyalty.

It would have been interesting to see her possibly rebuild Woodbury as a secondary location for Rick and the group to live while bringing in survivors. This would have been two territories Rick had in his hands with endless possibilities.