Fear the Walking Dead 406: The past starts coming to light

Strand (Colman Domingo) in Fear the Walking Dead 406. Photo: Richard Foreman/AMC
Strand (Colman Domingo) in Fear the Walking Dead 406. Photo: Richard Foreman/AMC /

The puzzle pieces started coming together in Fear the Walking Dead “Just In Case” as we learn more about the time between the dam and the Stadium.

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 has been masterfully weaving a narrative between a “past” that refers to the Clark family’s time at the Stadium, and the “present” where all of the narratives come together. Fans have been in the dark about the time between the events at the dam and arriving at the Stadium, but episode 406’s “Just In Case” gives us a look at what happened in the “between” time.

As Madison and Strand look out at the Vultures circling the parking lot, Strand asks Madison why she saved him after everything he did to betray them. Madison reflects, and then she says she wouldn’t just leave him there to drown. Strand, though, says that she didn’t just get him back on land. She took him to her hideout, a cave, and helped him to recover with Alicia’s assistance. Nick was there, too, but it sounds like he was struggling after the ordeal at the dam. Eventually Nick was able to go out and he found Luciana. 

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Strand also mentions that he wasn’t able to walk for a long time after they saved him, and still she stayed behind for him. He wants to know why. Madison doesn’t give a lot away here but she says she knows who Strand is as a person and she likes drinking with him.

Later, when Madison is eating at the motel with Strand and Naomi, Madison hints that the food reminds her of their trip through Roswell, New Mexico. Naomi asks where they came from, and Madison tells her they arrived in Texas after leaving Mexico, by way of their original home in Los Angeles.

With this information we know that after the dam the group found shelter in a cave, and then they made their way across the Southwest until the arrived in Texas. It sounds like they were all pretty banged up after the explosion at the dam, but they were together, and that’s what matters.

There are still many gaps between the dam and the current dual storylines, but the picture is starting to come together. We can only imagine what else we’ll learn as we move toward the mid-season finale.

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