Walker Stalker Nashville: New experiences

Chandler Riggs at the Carl and His Moms Panel at Walker Stalker London, 3/11/18Photo courtesy of Walker Stalker Con (flickr site)
Chandler Riggs at the Carl and His Moms Panel at Walker Stalker London, 3/11/18Photo courtesy of Walker Stalker Con (flickr site) /

Each new Walker Stalker Con I attend brings new moments to enjoy. Walker Stalker Nashville was no exception.

It can be be big things or little things, logistical details or program details. You never know. For instance, I recall being really excited when the food court seating area expanded to a much larger size at Walker Stalker Atlanta. It was so much easier for weary guests to find a spot to sit and refuel.

I digress. This post is about Nashville!

Cosplay groups

This was the first time I saw the Live Stage hosting group photo opportunities for cosplayers. There were designated times for different fandoms such as Star Wars, Marvel, The Walking Dead and more.

Cosplayers joined one another on the Live Stage allowing friends, family and fans the opportunity to capture photos of the many different costumes on display. Then the cosplayers stood on the floor in front of the stage where individuals could come and ask to take photos with them individually or in small groups.

If you are a cosplayer, it is a great time to meet up with fellow players instead of just hoping you can find one another on the busy convention floor. It also creates a great opportunity for fans, especially kids, to get a photo with someone dressed as their favorite character.

There is no registration or cost to participate in the group cosplay sessions. Simply show up at the scheduled time to participate or watch.

Scott Wilson joins artist Rob Prior at the easel at Walker Stalker Nashville
Scott Wilson joins artist Rob Prior at the easel at Walker Stalker Nashville /

Rob Prior

Of course, I had heard of the amazing artist Rob Prior, but I had not spent much time watching him work. My daughter has some extra special needs and requires some regular breaks from the hustle and bustle of the convention. She also really loves music. Sitting and watching Rob paint at his table was a fantastic opportunity for both my daughter and me.

We watched as he painted in concert to the music, sometimes with grand gestures, sometimes delicate ones. It was amazing to watch the painting grow and expand along with the music.

It was also fun seeing Rob include others in the painting. At one point, an aspiring young artist joined him at the makeshift easel as he sketched a portrait of Tom Hardy as Venom. He invited the boy to make his own marks on the painting.

Not long after, I recognized Scott Wilson (Hershel from The Walking Dead) approaching Rob at the easel. Sure enough, Rob invited Scott to add to the sketch as well.

This sketch, which had several hands upon it, was later used for Prior’s panel on the Live Stage where he added to the painting. It was a gorgeous, yet imperfect piece. Rob does not want a piece to look “perfect” but more expressive.

Rob Prior’s work spans many different fandoms including The Walking Dead. I would highly recommend checking out his work and watching him work. He is entertaining and inspiring.

Chandler Riggs

In all my years of attending Walker Stalker conventions, I do not believe I have attended a panel with Chandler Riggs before Nashville 2018.

Chandler had his very own panel in Nashville. He was the only guest on stage with moderator and radio host Lisa Manning. Actually, he was the only panelist until they invited his mom, Gina Riggs, to join them on stage. It was Mother’s Day after all!

Now that Chandler is living in Los Angeles, his parents do not get to see him as often. His mom shared that conventions like Walker Stalker create great opportunities for them to visit with him. We have heard the same thing from former cast members who look forward to meeting up with fellow alumni of The Walking Dead at Walker Stalker Con.

I also learned that Chandler cannot do a good zombie impression (at least according to him), so do not bother asking him to do one. A young fan came to the microphone asking Chandler to make the zombie noises. Chandler very politely told the boy that he was so bad at it that he wasn’t even going to try. Of course, he and moderator Lisa gave the young fan a chance to do his own zombie impression instead!

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These were just a few of my new experiences at Walker Stalker Nashville this year and I look forward to many more!

The next stop for Walker Stalker Con will be Orlando on August 11th and 12th at the Orange County Convention Center (West Hall D).