Ten things that should happen in season 9 of The Walking Dead

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Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in The Walking Dead Episode: WorthPhoto: AMC
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in The Walking Dead Episode: WorthPhoto: AMC /

Negan’s Capture

Rick may have saved Negan’s life for now, but at what cost? The last face-off between both men ended with Rick coaxing Negan to lower his guard by bringing up Carl’s death once again.

In that moment of weakness, Rick sliced Negan’s throat with a piece of broken stained glass and asked Siddiq to “save him”. Wounded, without Lucille, Rick promises Negan he will remain in a cell for the rest of his life while they live free and clear.

How much of this will be true? For starters, has Lucille been spared?

The only person in Rick’s group who knows of the bat’s significance is Jadis, who recently joined them leaving her junkyard home behind. Is she Lucille’s guardian?

While Negan’s injury will heal, will he be in the cell Morgan built seasons ago or will Negan have free range around Alexandria? It will be interesting to see who is guarding him and what conversations he and Siddiq will have during checkups.

If Maggie is hellbent on killing him, how long will Negan last? Rick’s word is a definite gray area at this point.

If Negan does have any allies at all in Alexandria it will be with the only people who know the slightest bit of his past: Father Gabriel and Jadis. Time will tell what becomes of Negan and if he plays his cards right he might see freedom.