Steven Ogg of The Walking Dead shines in trailer for new movie Solis

Steven Ogg as Simon - The Walking Dead - AMC
Steven Ogg as Simon - The Walking Dead - AMC /

Known for playing the unpredictable Simon on The Walking Dead, Steven Ogg looks great in the trailer for the new science fiction film Solis.

Simon was an interesting character on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The great acting of Steven Ogg gave Simon a lot of personality since his introduction in the season 6 finale of the popular zombie survival drama series.

As an underling of Negan with The Saviors, Simon intrigued viewers of the show with a spontaneous and vindictive nature that eventually led to his demise during season 8 of the program at the hands of his boss.

But the death of Simon doesn’t mean fans won’t be seeing Steven Ogg anymore. Viewers of Westworld, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes and Stan Against Evil have already seen the charismatic actor make appearances or be heard on those programs, but soon he will be in a full-length motion picture.

DailyMotion recently released a trailer for the upcoming science fiction film titled Solis featuring Steven Ogg and it looks fantastic. Check out the video here:

While the video is hugely appealing, the description should have fans of psychological films, science fiction, and Ogg’s acting excited to check out the film debuting at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June or wait for an official worldwide release date.

Check out the description of the film:

Steven Ogg plays astronaut Troy Holloway in the movie, who is trapped inside an escape pod in space following an accident. Running low on oxygen and drifting toward the sun, the only remaining hope lies with a weak radio transmission communicating with Commander Roberts (Alice Lowe) as a rescue attempt is organized. Although there seems to be a rescue effort in the works, Hollway starts to wonder if being saved is the best option as conditions get worse and will need Roberts to influence his state of mind.

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Keep your eyes peeled for any more information and initial reviews of Solis. If Ogg can bring Troy Holloway to life the way he nailed Simon on The Walking Dead, this could be a film fans won’t want to miss!