Senoia Dead Bash Interview with Oscar Rodriguez III

Senoia Dead Bash
Senoia Dead Bash /

Over 400 Walking Dead fans attended the 1st Annual Senoia Summer Dead Bash during the 2018 Memorial Day Weekend.

The Senoia Summer Dead Bash showcased beautiful artwork from vendors near and far while providing live music, silent auctions and photo ops to guest. Did I forget to mention the delicious food provided by Nic & Norman’s during the event?

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the founders and organizers of the Dead Bash, Oscar Rodriguez III, who gave insight into how the event materialized.

Hope and Wellness Charity puppies at the Senoia Dead Bash
Hope and Wellness Charity puppies at the Senoia Dead Bash /

Oscar shared that during dinner with Scott Spillman(Co-founder) a discussion was held on how to showcase their individual pieces of art work. From these discussions The Senoia Dead Bash was born. They each wanted to do something small and intimate.  Initially, the event was slated to be held in Florida, but found its final resting place in the infamous Walking Dead city of Senoia, GA.

Oscar shared that often the various Cons usually drain the pockets of fans. It was very important to both Oscar and Scott that the event was affordable to the masses. The full team behind The Senioa Summer Dead Bash is Oscar Rodriguez III, Scott Spillman, Becky Jones ,Casey Miller & Michelle G. “WholelottaCrazy” who each worked tirelessly on the event.

Oscar revealed the charities Animal Hope and Wellness & Royal Animal Refuge were chosen by  Becky Jones because they were near and dear to her heart.  It’s exciting to know that a portion

of the proceeds from the event will be donated to  help displaced puppies find homes.

Oscar Rodriguez III art pieces on display at Senoia Dead Bash
Oscar Rodriguez III art pieces on display at Senoia Dead Bash /

I couldn’t end my interview with Oscar without asking which character from The Walking Dead is his favorite to draw.  He revealed this choice changes from time to time depending on the medium he is using to put the art work together.  To date his favorite is Negan. He is very excited to see Jeffery Dean Morgan cast in this role.  Drawing Negan is the first time that Oscar focused on a television character and not the comics.

He shared that he  started the Negan piece in his studio and then stopped.  He eventually came back and finished the piece, receiving recognition from Jeffery Dean Morgan which to date is the highlight of pieces he has worked on.

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The 1st annual Senoia Dead Bash was a great way to spend the Memorial Day weekend. Oscar Rodriguez III, Scott Spillman and their awesome team should give themselves a two thumbs up for an energetic and fun filled event.