Fear the Walking Dead 408 recap: No One’s Gone

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Maggie Grace as Althea - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Maggie Grace as Althea - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

The first half of Fear the Walking Dead season 4 comes to a thrilling conclusion with the mid-season finale “No One’s Gone.” Here’s your recap.

We start out this week with Madison looking at the camera. She looks exhausted as she looks out at a campfire with a man standing there. She sneaks up and holds out her gun. Madison has seen the vehicle and wants the keys. We realize quickly that it’s Althea, who refuses to toss the keys. Madison trips on a wire and fires the gun, ruining Al’s cup o’noodles. Madison says she has lost everything, but Al isn’t worried. She’s been through a lot, too.

Credits: The van is parked and there’s a campfire with a group of people outside. It’s dark.

The dead circle the SWAT van inside the Stadium. There are thousands of them inside, but Naomi doesn’t have time. John needs help and the infirmary is nearby. Al hands the camera to Charlie and has her film while they try to get closer.

Madison has Al tied up in the van. She isn’t impressed by being zip tied. Madison wants the keys to the van, and Al winces as Madison goes through her tapes. Madison says people need her and the van will help her find them. Al offers up that she has interviewed a lot of people and she might have come across Madison’s people. Madison wants the keys and the tapes. Al frees herself and they fight. Al gets knocked out and when she wakes up, Madison is gone and so are the tapes.

Al tells everyone they can’t get much closer or else they will get stuck. Morgan wants them to clear a path and Charlie continues to film. John tells Morgan not to go out there and Morgan says that John saved him. Naomi is going with him, and once Al plows the field Naomi and Morgan go running. There’s an explosion, possibly a grenade. Morgan and Naomi are ok but Charlie points out that Luciana, Alicia and Strand have arrived. And they do not look happy.

Madison watches the tapes to see if she spots Nick and Alicia. She’s desperate to find them, and when she’s not paying attention Al runs up with a gun pointed at her. She wants Madison’s story and who she’s looking for.

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A firefight breaks out between the two groups. Alicia radioes Althea and offers to let her live in return for the story. They know how much ammo is in the van and know it won’t last. But Al has her “layers” and plans to change it up. John starts to slip away and Al calls Naomi, who tells her to apply pressure. John tells Charlie to film him “for her” and he leaves Naomi a message. He says he lost his nine lives a long time ago but she has to make it. He tells her to stop running from people. He tells her to help Morgan to stop running from people, too.

Naomi grabs the supplies and they radio to Al.

The van gets knocked by an RPG that Luciana launches at them, and Al thinks the van can take it, but as she describes the van as a tank the door falls off. Outside, Alicia is there with a gun.

Al begins her interview with Madison, who doesn’t say much. Al asks if she has always put a gun to people’s heads. “If that’s what it takes,” Madison says. Al presses about who she has lost. Al deduces that Madison lost her kids. She even asks if her kids did something to hurt her, or ran away. She’s very insightful. She says that they’re both connected by this world they live in. Al tells her that she has been doing this since before things went bad. She was in a village on the other side of the world, and the warlord, Twisted Round, terrorized the people for their supplies. Everyone was scared of him. Once she talked one person into talking, they all started talking and it turned out he didn’t have the guns he said he did. The villagers learned to find their voice because the truth came out. Al says that someone might want her story some day. Madison says she promised her kids a place where they could be safe and she couldn’t keep it.

Alicia has a blade to Charlie’s throat and a gun on Al. Naomi calls in and Alicia wants her to tells her it’s safe. Luciana and Strand are waiting for them to come out. Naomi and Morgan don’t believe it, of course. John watches Al, who wants to film this. She says she has picked a side. John grabs the radio and turns it on for Morgan and Naomi. Strand calls Alicia and says they aren’t coming. Al lunges at Alicia.

Madison says she promised her kids a place beyond walls. She describes their trip from LA to Mexico. She was hoping to find a place where her kids wouldn’t have to do what she did to Al today. “What happened?” Al asks.

Alicia holds Al into the crowd of Infected. Charlie calls Morgan and tells them to hurry. Al and Alicia fight ad Alicia spots the cup o noodles and asks where they came from. They were from Oklahoma. She traded them for an interview. The tape says “Amina.”

Madison says that what she wants might not be possible. There are things you remember about your kids and you don’t forget them. Madison recalls renting a house by a lake and a bird flew into the window.The kids named it Wilamina, Amina for short. They nursed the bird around the clock. They did it for weeks, even though the bird got worse. She says Nick was sensitive, and Alicia said the bird would live. One day she heard chirping. Amina was flying in the living room. Amina survived because her kids gave her a chance. Madison says there isn’t a lot of that left. That’s what she needs to find a place where things can be better.

Alicia watches the video, trembling. Madison says she’ll do whatever it takes to keep that alive for them. The video ends and Al watches her. Al says Madison never said their names. The Stadium was the place she was looking for.

Alicia shows up at the infirmary. She aims her gun at Naomi and Morgan says that he can get by as soon as she kills Naomi. She tells Naomi that her mom is dead because of her. Morgan steps in front of the gun and tries to talk Alicia out of it. Naomi wants to save John, but Alicia says she doesn’t get to make that choice. Alicia says she isn’t that person anymore, but Morgan reminds her that she can make the decision. He tells her that he thought he had to get away from people because he thought he had to. Someone told him he would find people around, and he ran across the country to save people. She shakes her head and says she has to pull the trigger, but he says things can change. He admits he stepped aside for Nick to kill Ennis, but he won’t do it for her. Whatever her mother wanted for her is still in there and he sees it. She lowers the gun and Naomi runs by. Morgan hugs her and tells Alicia that it’s all ok.

Al labels the tape “Amina” and frees Madison. She asks how far she’s going because Al is going to give her supplies. They got separated in El Paso. She hopes they meet again when Madison has found them. Madison’s faith in the world is temporarily restored.

Madison drives along and she spots a hotel. She signals with the radio and Alicia answers. Luciana says Nick is doing better. Strand finds the noodles and Madison reveals she met a friend out there. Later, the five of them drive up to the Stadium. Strand thinks it’s too big, but Madison says they were thinking too small, and someone helped her when she didn’t have to, so now they have to do the same.

Alicia is quiet as they drive along. Al looks at her, and John is resting comfortably. Strand wants to know why Madison never mentioned Al. Al thinks it’s because she wasn’t proud of the way they met. Al asks what happened, so Alicia tells her to pull over.

Naomi tends to John, who wakes up and sees her. She tells him he’s going to be ok. He thanks her. She says her real name is June. She never told anyone. But now he knows. He says that’s his favorite month.

Outside the van, the group is sitting around a fire (LIKE THE CREDITS) while Al leads the story. She wants to know what they remember. Alicia says that they were in the car with Mel, surrounded. Strand says they weren’t going to leave them out there. Everyone was fighting to clear a path for them to drive. Madison told everyone to stay inside before they left, but no one believed that the walls would hold. Strand and Luciana say that the other community members didn’t have faith in her. The fire Infected were coming in and they opened the gates before they got there. They fled the Stadium and Madison tried to stop them. Mel took the car. Charlie speaks up and says that Mel didn’t run away, because she was in the parking lot. He saved her. Al asks about the people in the cars. Strand says they didn’t make it. They all died. Naomi tried to talk everyone out of it, but she couldn’t change their minds. She went back for supplies, but when she got back the caravan was overrun. She ran away to escape. Alicia says she still ran, and she joined up with the Vultures. Alicia thought she died, and Naomi thought they all died. She didn’t have anywhere to go. The Vultures took her in.

Alicia says they couldn’t get back to the Stadium, so they cleared a path. Madison had another idea, and she took a flare and lured the Infected away from the cars. Alicia tried to go back to save her mom but they couldn’t get to her. Strand kept her from running, saving her life and burning his hand in the process. Madison led the Infected inside because she knew the walls could keep them in. And her family could get away. When she tried to double back to get out, she locked herself in. We see Madison fighting them off and she radios her family to tell them that no one’s gone until they’re gone. She raises the flare and tosses it, lighting the field on fire. Strand, Nick, Luciana and Alicia watched as it went up in smoke.

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Alicia says it was never about the Stadium. Strand says it was about the people. Luciana says it was about them. Madison gave up her life so that they could live. Al stops filming and writes “Madison” on it. Strand passes around come cups of noodles. He hands one to Charlie and they all eat together. Morgan looks at the group. His group.

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