Five underestimated men from The Walking Dead

Andy (Jeremy Palko), Jesus (Tom Payne) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 12Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Andy (Jeremy Palko), Jesus (Tom Payne) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 12Photo by Gene Page/AMC /
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Tobin - The Walking Dead - AMC
Tobin – The Walking Dead – AMC /


From the beginning, Tobin recognized and respected Rick as a leader once the new group entered Alexandria. Though at first, Deanna was the leading lady of the community, Tobin and a few other Alexandrians accepted the newcomers and immediately followed Rick’s orders when it came to handling walkers outside of the community.

While most of the original members of Alexandria slowly fell by the wayside thanks to walkers, The Wolves, and The Saviors, Tobin was one of the few to last the longest. Tall and strong Tobin was often armed and ready.

Upon each attack Alexandria suffered, Tobin was there; time and time again even willing to find Carol after she fled unexpectedly one night. Aside from his one-sided and brief relationship with Carol that ultimately ended with her confessing she didn’t have feelings for him; Tobin became easily likable and a worthy fighter in the apocalypse.

In fact, if it weren’t for his wound that normally would have healed if it weren’t tainted in walker guts by The Saviors Tobin may have survived the final battle. Seeing the Alexandrian turn into a walker and killed by Carol was a hard pill to swallow.

As strong as he was his personality was just as mighty and unforgettable. If he had survived his broken heart would have healed and he could have possibly resumed as friendship with Carol.

His status as a fighter would have continued on as Alexandria and the other communities began to rebuild without living under Negan’s boot.